Policeman Alan Godfrey’s Alien Abduction Is UK’s Most Famous UFO Encounter

During the last months of 1980, the British Police observed several UFOs sightings on the east coast of England. Young policeman Alan Godfrey’s case became the UK’s most famous UFO encounter that attracted investigators around the world.

Alan Godfrey alien encounter
Alan Godfrey continued to believe what he saw in 1980

The story took place on the evening of November 28, 1980, when Alan Godfrey was patrolling the outskirts of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England. It was a rainy night, and Godfrey was driving his car along Burnley Road, looking for the herd of cows that had gone missing.

Moreover, Godfrey wondered how the cows managed to disappear without leaving any traces, as there was no sign of any cow. At 5 AM, he decided to go to Todmorden town center before ending his shift.

He saw another policeman going on foot and offered him a lift, but the man turned down his offer. Godfrey wanted to have him as a witness of what happened that night.

While he was heading towards his police station to end his shift, he encountered something very strange that changed his life.

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Alan Godfrey
An old picture of Alan Godfrey with his patrol car

At first, Godfrey thought that a bus was approaching him, carrying workers from the city to the surrounding villages.

But when he came closer to the object, it was nothing like a bus.

“It was completely blocking the main road. A huge metal object hanging in the air about five feet off the ground.

It was diamond-shaped, about 20ft wide and 14ft high with what appeared to be dark paneling across the upper top third – my headlights were shining off the side and if I’d gotten out of the car and thrown a brick at it, it would’ve gone ‘bang’.”

Godfrey stopped his car and took a chance to get near the object. He threw a brick on it so that it could bang. He described that the bottom of the UFO was spinning in an anti-clockwise direction, kicking up dirt and leaves under it.

Alan Godfrey
A UFO sketch drew by Godfrey at that time

He tried to radio the control room, but it turned out that the signals were jammed. The policeman took a sketchpad and pencil to draw the scene as evidence. But at that moment, a bright light flashed and blinded him for a moment. The next thing Godfrey remembered was driving his car along Burnley Road, and the UFO was gone. Besides, his sketchpad where he had drawn the UFO also disappeared.

“I was about 100 yards on the other side of where the thing had been hovering,” he claimed.

Godfrey turned around and drove back. He noticed that the area, above which the UFO had been hovering, was completely dry.

“The road surface beneath it was bone dry – everything else was glistening from the earlier downpour.”

When he got to the police station, he checked his watch and realized that fifteen minutes had fallen out of his memory.

Alan Godfrey UFO encounter
Alan Godfrey during investigation 40 years ago in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

Later, the policeman found out that he was not the only one who had witnessed the UFO. On his next shift, he was called by his inspector who revealed that three policemen who had been looking for a motorcycle stolen from Halifax in the Calder Valley swamps also reported a blue and white glow descending in Todmorden.

In 2014, a bus driver named Bob Coastes also shared a similar story. He was there at the same place where Godfrey witnessed the UFO at 4:55 am.

At first, the policeman doubted whether he should file an official report on what had happened. The other policemen in the station even joked about his encounter and called him “Captain Kirk.”

As he reported the incident, the other police officers shared the information with the local newspaper, and it grabbed the attention of the former director of the British UFO Research Association named Jenny Randles.

Upon the investigation, Randles found out that there were scratches on Godfrey’s boots as if the unconscious policeman was being dragged somewhere. But he could not remember anything. Blurred memories signed of an alien abduction. Then he encouraged to undertake several hypnotic regression sessions conducted by two professors from Manchester.

Godfrey said that as soon as the lights came on, the police radio crackled with static electricity, and the car engine stalled. Then the radiance became dazzling and he passed out.

Alan Godfrey book
Alan Godfrey posing with his book, “WHO or WHAT were THEY

Upon regaining consciousness, he found himself in the spaceship where he met a strange Biblical man.

He said that along with the beaded man, there was a group of stunted creatures, the size of children, with huge heads. Most likely, they were robots.

After the hypnosis session, the policeman frankly said that he was sure that aliens had abducted him. But he does not know if the memories were genuine, or if he saw a distorted reality. For example, under the influence of some alien anesthesia.

The government ridiculed Alan Godfrey’s story, and scientists said that it had been not a UFO but an unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

This assumption partly explains the testimony of other abductees, who repeatedly noticed that the inside of the flying saucer seemed much larger than the outside, and it is completely incomprehensible how large rooms could fit in it. In fact, people were not delivered to the ship itself, but somewhere else.

In addition, many people assume that this story is the classic example that alien humanoids, gray or green short men with large heads and black eyes are nothing more than bio-robots.

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