Three Aliens Almost Killed Ex-US Soldier And Ufologist in 1950s, Threatened Him To Stop His Research

In the fall of 1952, ufologist Albert K. Bender announced the creation of a new research organization, the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB). He was also the author of the ufology journal “Space Review” that was released in 1953. West Virginia resident Gray Barker soon offered his assistance to Bender and spoke of the Flatwood Monster case, which he was investigating with Ivan Sanderson.

In January 1953, Bender asked Barker to head the research department of the IFSB. In September, however, Bender announced that he was forced to cease his activities.

Albert K Bender
Albert K Bender

Bender said three men in black suits who identified themselves as government officials had come to see him. They threatened Bender and demanded to forget about the existence of flying saucers. By this time, the new research organization had a large network of staff in the United States and other countries.

Barker was extremely surprised and in early October, he came to Bender with several other IFSB members to try to sort out the situation. Bender knew what flying saucers really were, but remained silent.

Bender also served in the United States Air Force in WW2

Some UFO researchers concluded that Bender was indeed under pressure from government agents while others doubted it. Coral Lorenzen, the founder of UFO research APRO, wrote in the bulletin that most likely, the IFSB was funded by Palmer’s magazine who used to write science-fiction stories.

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Albert Bender
Flying Saucers and the Three Men by Albert Bender

One way or another, the name of Albert Bender disappeared from the pages of ufological publications. But not forever. Ten years later, he published a book entitled “Flying Saucers and the Three Men,” in which the whole story was presented from a completely different perspective. Indeed, Bender wrote that in 1953, three men in black visited him. And they were not government agents but aliens.

They provided Bender with a piece of strange metal, shaped like a coin, with which he could communicate with them. In some time, three mysterious creatures reappeared in his house and carried Bender to some vast room, possibly inside a flying saucer. One of the creatures telepathically informed him that representatives of their race were visiting Earth for the sole purpose of “extracting useful chemicals from the earth’s oceans.”

Men In black
Bender was visited by three strange creatures who threatened him to stop his research on UFOs otherwise the consequences would not be good.

According to him, aliens had settled on our planet for a long. At first, the creature seemed to be a humanoid for Bender, but then it appeared before him in its natural – extremely vile – form. However, it warned Albert Bender, and through him all the humanity, against continuing experiments with radioactive substances.

The alien said those experiments would have a negative impact on future generations.

Bender soon woke up at home, lying on his bed and feeling sick. When he tried to tell someone from the IFSB executive committee about contact with aliens, he faced misunderstanding and mistrust. What could he do? And then, Bender decided to reveal to his colleagues only part of the truth.

Albert Bender with a portrait of an alien (or MIB) visited him

He said some people warned him against further research into the UFO problem and they were very convincing. They even revealed the secret of flying saucers to him.

Bender took their threats seriously, but could not give up his research on UFOs as it had become part of his life, so he continued his work.

Later, the creatures (or MIB) visited him multiple times and during their visit, Bender’s health kept declining. They seemed to draw vital energy out of him, and much more than on the first visit.

Bender also noticed that with each visit, the eyes of the aliens got brighter and more menacingly. But still, he did not dare to give up his research, and then Bender felt completely sick.

After the second visit, he had a stomach ache, as if with an ulcer, and migraines happened every day, and after the third visit Bender began to lose weight and have problems with his eyesight or psyche, it began to seem to him that the MIB was following him even on the streets.

According to Bender, he saw the MIB in every shady nook and in the meantime, his stomach problems worsened. And then, the ufologist could not stand it. He closed his Space Review magazine, closed the international bureau, and decided to move away from UFO research. After that, his health improved. Until his death in 2016, Bender no longer talked about UFOs.

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