Man Fought With Three Alien Robots Whole Night In California’s Forest In 1964

On September 4, 1964, Donald Shrum went on a hunting trip with his friends to an unincorporated area called Cisco Grove in Placer County, California. They had been in that area several times before, and that hunting trip was no different than previous ones. But none of them could have thought about an alien encounter.

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Due to the extreme excitement of hunting, Donald Shrum got separated from the group while tracking down the deer. It was already nightfall, so he decided to sleep under a tree and catch up with others the following morning.

alien robot attack
Donald Shrum in 1964

As he sat down and began waiting to get sleepy, a white strange light, moving in a zig-zag pattern, grabbed his attention. It was coming through trees at low altitudes. At first, Donald thought that it was just a helicopter that had been sent to rescue him after his friends could not find him. So, he fired the flare gun to let them know his location.

Shrum was continuously checking the motion of the object which was making no sound, and it seemed to be flying towards when it suddenly stopped a few yards from him.

When the object landed, Shrum realized that it was not a helicopter but a cigar-shaped UFO the size of 14 stories building. A small vehicle came out of the ship which alarmed Shrum for his safety, so he returned to his tree and got onto it.

Cisco Grove incident 1964
Three aliens attacked Donald Shrum when he got separated from his hunting group and decided to spend a night on a tree

While being on the tree silently, he heard the sounds of walking and moving bushes. As he looked down closely, three strange beings were standing under his tree, and two of them were not humans at all. They were 5 feet tall in a silver uniform, and their eyes were covered with some kind of goggles.

According to Shrum, one of the humanoids looked like a robot from sci-fiction movies. Its body was dark, and its eyes were reddish. The terrified man hung the tree with full strength because the aliens and the robot-looking entity started shaking the tree to knock him off the branch. At some point, the robot emitted a white vapor from its mouth that ultimately made him unconscious.

Moments later, he woke up and found himself still up on the tree. But the aliens were still there. He lit up some matches and threw over them to scare them, but it did not work. Then, he remembered his bow and used it as a weapon to hit the alien robot three times, but it did not cause much damage.

Shrum described alien robot entities were 5 feet tall and emitted toxic gases from their mouth

Shrum tried hard to defend himself with the bow and arrow, but other aliens also joined the first one. They again emitted a white gas towards his direction to make him unconscious. Shrum once again woke up, felt sick, and noticed that aliens were trying to climb up the tree. He managed to push them down with some effort but they got down and started shaking the tree violently.

Eventually, they again released the toxic gas, and that time, Donald found himself hanging on the tree with the support of his belt, but there were no aliens.

In the morning, Shrum safely climbed down the tree and managed to return to his camp. When he joined his group, he found out that one of his friends, Vincent Alvarez had also seen the UFO that night and also gave a written affidavit. Shrum interacted with an Air Force personnel and told him about his alien encounter, but the men refused to believe him and thought that it was just a prank.

the Cisco Grove incident
Aliens in the Forest by Noe Torres

It is still unclear how the aliens with toxic gas and powerful strength failed to get one man off the tree. In regard to it, some ufologists claimed that sometimes, aliens study their abductee’s behavior by scaring the hell out of him. It was similar to Kelly–Hopkinsville alien encounter, when some small alien creatures scared some drunk people in Ririe, Idaho.

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