Ret. USAF Soldier Worked As E.T. Interpreter & Was In Contact With 57 different E.T. Races

A retired sergeant Clifford Stone, who served in the US Army from 1968 to 1990, claimed that he had been a part of a secret elite group that was assigned to recover the crashed UFO or E.T. parts, alien bodies, and artifacts. Besides, he said that intelligent life had been visiting our planet in highly advanced crafts that are capable of covering many light-years in less time that is beyond modern human knowledge.

In an interview with Michael E. Salla, Clifford said that the US military and an Air Force Captain used to visit him on regular basis in his childhood, encouraging him to join the military.

Clifford Stone
Retired sergeant Clifford Stone interviewed by Dr. Steven M. Greer

Initially, he was assigned to the NBC Team (nuclear, biological, and chemical retrieval and abatement detail) at Fort McClellan Army post in Alabama and did some regular assignments until he was called for retrieval duties. He was reportedly out for a week when the army required him for UFO retrievals. Besides, his army service record was manipulated and excluded all his UFO recovery activities, showing him as a typist.

To support his claims, Stone cleverly disclosed the existence of classified projects such as Moon Dust and Blue Fly, that had been created to hide the UFOs’ debris by using Freedom of Information Acts.

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Stone revealed in his several interviews that during the 1960s, the US army had been in contact with over 57 different E.T. races that had been visiting Earth for a very long time. He said that many species looked like humans, but their eyes were slightly larger and had black iris. According to him, extraterrestrial species contacted only through telepathy and could even read minds.

In 1973, Stone was involved in the retrieval of a crashed UFO. He hid a small metallic piece of UFO in his shoe and buried it near his property in New Mexico, Nevada, after his retirement in 1989.

He said: “Yes, I have it and wouldn’t dare to keep it in the house. I had it here to show some people where I kept it, a day longer than I should have and then somebody actually came here and tried to take it. That was some tense moments, I almost shot somebody that day.”

57 ET species
Sgt. Clifford Stone with Paola Harris

Italo-American photojournalist and UFO researcher Paola Harris wrote in her book, “Eyes Only: The Story of Clifford Stone and UFO Crash Retrievals” about his childhood E.T. friend named Korona who looked like a human and was with Stone to understand human emotions.

Further, she talked about Stone’s alien encounter in Vietnam, where he helped aliens to escape from military custody, as he cared for the rights of extraterrestrials who visit Earth.

Sgt. Clifford Stone claimed that he had been good at communicating with the ETs found at the crash sites or in an encounter with his military team. Once, his team fired a bullet at ET, but they deflected it with some advanced technology. He also mentioned the teleport techniques of ETs when he found himself hundreds of feet from his initial position.

Stone also claimed that there are many alien groups that visit our solar system and also Earth, but when humans learned how to detect their crafts, they limited their visits but did not stop.

He had no intention to benefit from his claims and evidence and no desire to gain publicity. His only desire was to let the US citizens know the truth about the UFOs and extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), that these are interplanetary spacecraft.

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