Leaked Top Secret UFO Photos Allegedly Taken By US Navy In Atlantic Ocean, 1971

In 1971, the USS Trepang Submarine crew took pictures of a triangular spacecraft and cigar-shaped objects during their journey somewhere between Iceland and Norway’s Jan Mayen Island. UFO enthusiasts believed that they were another proof of not only existence but also the presence of aliens on Earth.

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The UFO photographs taken in March 1971 were believed to be taken by the crew of the USS Trepang SSN 674 submarine in the Atlantic Ocean off Iceland, heading towards the Norwegian coast. According to UFO researchers, either it was the US secret aircraft tests or the alien spaceship came to Earth in the search of oil.

Triangular shaped UFO
Triangular shaped UFO image/ Image credit: The Black Vault

These images were first published by the French paranormal magazine called the “Top Secret” and were investigated by a paranormal investigator and author named Alex Mistretta. According to him, the UFO images were top secret and somehow got leaked.

Cigar shaped UFO
Cigar-shaped UFO Image credit: The Black Vault

Mistretta said that the “Top Secret” got those images from an anonymous source. Besides, they claimed that the photos had been taken while Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett was onboard.

According to Mistretta, Officer John Klika was the first person to spot the object accidentally with his periscope, when the crew of the submarine was on a routine joint military and scientific expedition in the specific region.

UFO by US navy
Image credit: The Black Vault

The French “Top Secret” revealed that the photographs were highly classified, and one of the pictures stated: “Official Photograph. Not to be Released. CT.”

Rear Admiral Dean Reynolds
Rear Admiral Dean Reynolds

According to the archives of the US Navy, Rear Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett, Jr from Beatrice, Nebraska had been the commanding officer of the USS Trepang submarine from August 1970 to December 1973.

UfOs over atlantic
Image credit: The Black Vault

Some researchers claimed that the images were genuine but others called it a hoax. One of the UFOs in the photograph was compared with the hybrid airship of rigid construction built by the AEREON.

USS Trepang Submarine
It is believed that these UFO photos were taken by the USS Trepang Submarine crew in March 1971

Ufologist Bill Smillie said: “These look like the real deal. Possibly a shape changer which accounts for so many, yet actually a single object.”

Nigel Watson, the author of the UFO Investigations Manual said:

“They are an odd selection of pictures, that feature types of UFOs that have been regularly spotted by witnesses in all parts of the world. Airship or cigar-shaped type craft have been reported since 1896 when there was a great wave of ‘phantom airship’ sightings throughout the USA.”

He further said that explorer Benjamin F. Trueblood met Eskimos on his polar expedition in 1908, who discussed cigar-shaped airship with him. They thought it was an airship used by US aeronaut Walter Wellman when he flew to the North Pole. But it could not have been possible, as Walter’s airship was launched only in 1907 & 1909.

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