Former British Air Force Officer Believes That Polish Man Took Most Authentic UFO Photos In The Last 40 Years

In June 2020, a resident of the Polish village of Jastrovo was riding a bicycle and allegedly saw a rotating unidentified flying object in the form of a floating saucer. It made a rustle, touching the top of a tree. The man managed to photograph the UFO before it disappeared.

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polish man UFO Photos
UFO hovering over Poland forest/ Image credit: Mirror

He sent his UFO photographs to journalist and ufologist Robert Bernatowicz. He asked to remain anonymous because he did not want to be called crazy.

The man also told the journalist that after visual contact with the alien ship, he had been experiencing blackouts.

Bernatowicz decided to seek help from ufologist Philip Mantle.

polish man UFO Photos
Ufologist Philip Mantle

Mantle has studied hundreds of cases in his entire career and was stunned by these photos. He admitted that they were the best UFO photos that he had seen in 40 years of his career.

He sent the photos to former RAF man Jason Gleave, who is an expert in photographs.

polish man UFO Photos
RAF man Jason Gleave

The specialist carefully studied the photos and concluded that they were not a photomontage or a fake. Gleaves believes the UFO photograph is one of the best in the world.

Mantle said: “If the analysis of Jason Gleaves is correct, and I have no reason to suggest otherwise, then these five UFO photos from Poland could be the best we have.”

polish man UFO Photos
UFO spotted by a man in Poland

Many people still find it difficult to believe in the authenticity of the photo because of the anonymity of its author.

Under the Facebook post of Philip Mantle, a user named Janusz Gazda claimed that it was his photos that were taken two years ago. Further in his comment, he wrote that Robert Bernatowicz is a sick man and he knew the photos were fake from the beginning. Later he removed his comment.

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