Filiberto Cardenas UFO Encounter: Secret Underwater Hangar, Alien Entities & Future Predictions

Among many other UFO abduction cases, Filiberto Cardenas’s encounter is one of the most intriguing. The man claimed to have been taken to a secret underwater hangar, and interestingly, his abduction was witnessed by his friend’s family.

Filiberto Cardenas, a Cuban exile had migrated to the United States where he owned a small gift shop in Hialeah, Florida, which he later sold and bought a small filling station and automobile service shop. He had no interest in UFOs until his abduction. He has been a good father and husband.

Filiberto Cardenas
Filiberto Cardenas

On the evening of January 3, 1979, Cardenas (46) received a call from his friend Fernando Marti while being in his gift shop at Hialeah, asking him to go out together and buy some pork for a Sunday night. Cardenas was accompanied by his friend Marti, Marti’s wife and their daughter. Unfortunately, there was no more pork for sale. While they were returning to Okeechobee Road (Highway Route 27), the car engine got stalled. Marti tried to start the car but it did not work. Both men got out of the car, Marti opened the car’s hood, checking the cables to the battery, but everything looked fine. They again tried starting the car but it did not work.

Suddenly, they saw that the engine was reflecting different colors and heard a buzzing sound at the same time. The car shook and the light turned dazzling white.Cardenas UFO encounter

Cardenas said:

“I tried to move but I was paralyzed in position, unable to do anything—even unable to move my arms. I could hear the screams of the women in the car. I looked down and saw that I was suspended in the air and rising. When I was 8 to 10 feet above the car everything went dark, and I don’t remember what happened.”

Marti, who was under the hood, saw his friend pulled up in the sky. He also felt weightlessness but held onto the car to prevent himself from being lifted up. He managed to see Cardenas who was shouting “Let me go, let me go!” Suddenly, he saw a heavy UFO that climbed up and flew away. Meanwhile, Mrs. Marti was terrified with the car’s shaking as she remembered California’s earthquake, and her daughter was screaming.

Marti was in shock and told his wife that the aliens had taken Cardenas. He did not know what to do and just tried starting the car. After several attempts, he managed to restart the engine. The car was in the bad condition, but he was able to return to the highway.

While returning, Marti was afraid to report the police about the incident, as he thought they would not believe him or accuse him of harming his friend. Anyway, he stopped the car at a service station, calling the police and explaining to them what he had witnessed. When they reached the town of Hialeah, he explained everything to the sergeant in the patrol car.

The police presumed that Cardenas would be lost or unconscious. Marti wanted to check that place one more time as he could not believe what he had seen. He returned to the incident place and police also called for the search team and a helicopter as it was already dark.

Meanwhile, Cardenas found himself in the Tamiami Trail, Highway in Miami-Dade County. He was around 10 miles from the original location from where he was lifted up 2 hours ago.

The officers who found Marti thought he was drunk or assaulted and left on the highway. There was a communication barrier between him and the officers because Cardenas did not know English well. The police checked his pockets and found some identification card. Meanwhile, after Cardenas was found, the search got canceled.

It was the first time when one of the officials found this case very strange. On the official record, the case was registered as CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND. The police also admitted that Cardenas had been abducted by the UFO.

First Encounter

So, what happened with Filiberto Cardenas during those 2 hours?

At first, Cardenas refused to describe what had happened to him during abduction while he was under hypnosis by a local hypnotherapist, as he was restricted by his abductors not to tell anything. Later, he decided to tell his story.

According to him, after he was paralyzed and taken by the mysterious object, he found himself in a place where he could not move. He was in a small place surrounded by three human-like alien entities dressed in tight-fitting overalls. One of the beings put a special kind of helmet on his head.

Cardenas and Dr. Hynek (seating)

Cardenas said the beings were small in size and tried to communicate with him in different languages. They tried speaking to him in German, English, and finally in Spanish.

He remembered being taken to some unknown beach where he saw deep blue water. He said one of the aliens got out of the object and opened a secret tunnel from where a similar craft came and flew away. The craft in which he was in also went into the tunnel with great speed underwater. Soon, he was at the secret “large hangar” under a sea.

Cardenas was subjected to some kind of medical examination as the tests left 108 marks on his body. One of the creatures named Kiostros talked with him telepathically. He spoke to Cardenas in a fluent Spanish accent. He told him about various future incidents including the sinking of California into the Pacific and the disastrous end of President Sadat’s rule in Egypt before the end of 1981. He also told him about the cure of cancer, the war in middle-east, China’s conflict with Russia for control over Asia, Michoacán earthquake of 1985.

Second Encounter

Cardenas found something very unusual with his wristwatch each time he visited his abduction site. According to him, his watch moved weirdly very fast and gained time. Besides, he could hear some voices at the abduction site.

 Filiberto Cardenas and his wife Iris
Newspaper clipping about Filiberto Cardenas and his wife Iris abduction

Cardenas’s case is really bizarre because a month after his first abduction, he again visited his abduction site with his wife Iris. On February 21, 1979, at around three in the morning, a UFO approached the place and took both of them. For three hours, they had been gone and later, without any hypnosis told everything as they were awake when they boarded the craft. On the same day, hours before the second encounter, some people at Miami International Airport had observed a mothership and various other smaller crafts above the place where Cardenas and his wife were abducted.

Human-like entity
Sketch of Human-like entity with serpent symbol on the right side of his uniform

Cardenas said that the aliens looked quite human. They had elongated eyes with eyelashes, small flat noses, long lipless mouths, and small beards. They had a serpent symbol on the right side of their uniform. It is one of the rarest cases in Ufology history because in the second encounter, his wife went voluntarily. What’s more, the entities told him several future predictions and surprisingly, some of them became true.

This case was investigated by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo Jr., an attorney, local UFO investigator and researcher. It also got the attention of several professionals including Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

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