Leaked UFO Footage Shot In 1968 Smuggled By Journalist George Knapp From Russia

In the late 1960s, a mysterious pyramid-shaped UFO was captured on video in Latvia (previously known as a federated republic within the Soviet Union). The story of this leaked video has captivated people from all over the world. It all started when the American investigative journalist George Knapp was on a quest to uncover the truth about Russia’s hidden UFO files. He was able to get in touch with the Russian government with the help of a physicist who had connections.

The Russians had been conducting a massive study of UFOs for a decade and had accumulated thousands of reports and videos. One of these videos was the pyramid-shaped UFO video shot in Latvia in 1968. Knapp obtained this confidential video and brought it to the United States. The video became significant evidence in the ongoing investigation of the UFO phenomenon.

The video shows a huge pyramid-shaped object floating in the skies over Latvia in 1968. Despite how old the footage is, its quality is incredible and shows the object hovering in the air with a beveled edge. This video was just a small part of the vast amount of information that the Ministry of Defense collected over ten years and was considered a real UFO due to its unusual features.

Knapp’s USSR visit

In the 1990s, Knapp took a journey to Soviet Russia to uncover the truth about the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). At that time, the Russian military tried to downplay and dismiss any claims about the existence of flying saucers. The general public was discouraged from openly discussing such topics. Still, behind closed doors, the Russian Ministry of Defense carried out what is believed to be the large-scale study on UFOs by the government in history. (Source)

An order was given by the Ministry of Defense to fully investigate every single UFO incident that was reported. Over the next ten years, thousands of cases were reported, including videos and photographs. Knapp was one of the few people who were able to gain access to hundreds of pages of previously classified UFO materials.

Pyramid shaped UFO shot 1968 in Latvia
Pyramid-shaped UFO shot 1968 in Latvia, Russia, and ended up in its Ministry Of Defense and was smuggled and leaked by George Knapp.

In 1993 and 1996, George Knapp traveled to Russia and met with former defense officials. He gained insight into the Ministry of Defense’s study of UFOs, which was led by Colonel Boris Sokolov for a decade. According to Colonel Sokolov, there were 40 incidents where Russian warplanes chased after UFOs, which resulted in three planes crashing and two pilots losing their lives.

George Knapp also had the opportunity to speak with the long-time commander of Russia’s air defense system. The commander confirmed that he had ordered the Russian air force to stand down and not engage with UFOs over Russian airspace.

As a result of his research, George Knapp produced three reports on the Russian UFO investigations in April 1996, which were broadcasted on KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada. The reports shed light on the Russian Ministry of Defense’s extensive research on UFOs and the interesting findings they uncovered.


Report on Russian UFO Investigations

According to Knapp’s first report, aired in 1996, in the 1990s, the Russian military conducted a secret study on UFOs, with thousands of reports generated over 10 years. Retired Colonel Boris Sokolov commanded this study.

General Igor Maltsev, the former commander of the Soviet air defense system, recalls a UFO flap over Moscow in 1990, with hundreds of visual and radar observations made by military personnel. He reported 40 incidents of Russian warplanes encountering UFOs, including one collision that damaged a MIG wing and another incident where a UFO disabled a plane with a beam of light. Maltsev confirmed his standing order was not to fire on the UFOs.

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In 1993, the Russian Ministry of Defense made a surprising admission – studying- UFOs was not a top priority. This sparked a journey of investigation for a Western journalist, who was granted access to hundreds of documents and photos. The journey began with an interview with the former Soviet Air Minister, the highest-ranking Russian to ever talk about UFOs with a Western journalist.

The journey led to the Russian town of Dalnegorsk, where in 1986, something like the Russian Roswell occurred. That year, a UFO incident took place in Dalnegorsk that many believe was similar to the famous Roswell incident in the United States.

The investigation into the 1986 Dalnegorsk UFO incident was a treacherous but rewarding journey for the Western journalist. Through their journey, they uncovered new information about a possible Russian Roswell and the attitudes of the Russian government toward UFO research.

Late in the evening on January 29, 1986, random eyewitnesses experienced an unbelievable sight. Over 20 people reported seeing a flying, spherical object shoot across the ground at over 120 mph. Suddenly, the object seemed to lose control and plummeted into Limestone Mountain, also referred to as Height 611. The impact was strong and led to the spherical object immediately bursting into flames, as it would remain for hours.

On December 9, 2009, a mysterious dark object in the shape of a quadrangular pyramid, which is said to be up to a mile wide, was seen in the sky above Kremlin in Moscow. Two amateur-filmed clips, one shot at night from a car and one during the day, had been circulating on Russian television news channels and became popular on the Internet. (Source)


The object was reportedly seen hovering for hours over Red Square in Moscow. Still, the identity of the shape was not confirmed, and Russian reports ruled out the possibility of it being a UFO. Police declined to comment on the matter. However, a former Ministry of Defence UFO analyst Nick Pope stated that it is “one of the most extraordinary UFO clips” he had ever seen. A spokesman for aerospace journal Jane’s News said: “We have no idea what it is.”

Many videos have been documenting pyramid-shaped UFOs over the years, including the recent footage from 2019 that showed multiple triangle-shaped objects pulsing in the sky. This has led to speculation and debates among UFO enthusiasts and experts.

Some people believe the 2019 footage could be a more advanced version of the technology seen in a 1968 video. Although there is ample video evidence of these UFO sightings, only recently have people started to take notice and discuss them. This could be due to growing interest in the UFO phenomenon and increased media coverage.

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