Aliens From Andromeda Told US Army Personnel How Greys Helped Humans Building Colonies On Mars

Alex Collier is the most controversial alien contactee whose source of information is the two ETs from Andromeda. He has told abundant stories about the previous civilizations that arrived in the Solar system. He told about intergalactic wars, the history of humans in the universe, and alien species who interfered with life on Mars and Earth. Among his many bizarre claims, one states how human beings constructed the secret colonies on Mars with the help of greys.

In his 1994 interview, Alex Collier, who claims to have worked in military service as a helicopter pilot in the United States, recalled many secrets of Mars told to him by his mentors from Andromedan named Vissaeus and Moranay. The Andromedans have stressed that Earth and Mars were biological and genetic experiments.

Collier said that the sudden appearance of fully-formed reptiles, birds, mammals, etc, indicates the seeding and colonization of Earth and Mars by the different extraterrestrial groups mentioned earlier. The primates or monkeys were brought to Mars and then to Earth by the Draconians and Orion explorers. They were genetically created in laboratories on the spaceship.

Alex Collier
Alien contactee Alex Collier served in military service as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army

According to Vasais, around 69.3 million years ago a huge asteroid with a powerful gravitation force pulled away Mars from its axis several times, killing all the lifeforms. Also, the debris in the tail section of this asteroid broke free and somehow just went off on its own and was captured by the Earth’s gravitational pull. Apparently, it hit the Earth somewhere around Central America in the Atlantic Ocean causing the planet to do a pole shift as well. It hit it so hard.

Secret Human Colonies On Mars?

There are discoveries of possible phenomenal structures in the Cydonia region of Mars: the face and the pyramids. According to the Andromedans, Mars has been inhabited off and on for 3.8 billion years and also had dinosaurs on it. They further added that there are also more ruins in the Cydonia region that haven’t been found yet.

Colier said “Valles Marineris,” a system of canyons on the Martian surface hides ruins of an ancient Lyran city hidden under hundreds of feet of sand. It is approximately 113 million years old. This is the largest of the Lyran and later Pleiadian ruins. There is a vast network of underground tunnels and caverns under this area.

Collier said It is a vast complex originally built millions of years ago that was reactivated with the help of the Greys for the Earth world government. It stretches over an area of 118 miles and is in some areas three levels deep underground. In other words, the underground base of Valles Marineris covers an area of 118 square miles. It houses approximately 300,000 human beings.

Alex collier secret Mars colonies
Source: NASA

The deepest portion is 6200 feet with complete support systems as they would have if they were up on the surface. It has four openings to the surface. Two are compressed elevator-type shafts, and two are pressurized hanger-type entrances complete with elevators.

Much of the hardware taken to Mars came from the Moon first via Russia and Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean. Much of the hardware taken to Mars came from the Moon first via Russia and Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean.

Andromedans said “Hellas Planitia,” located in the southern hemisphere of the planet Mars used to be a very large freshwater lake. There are three domed structures that are built into the mountain range there. The largest of these three domes stretches 2.6 miles. All three domes are built into a triangular pattern. The 2.6-mile dome is a military complex. All three domes are connected by underground tunnels, and all three domed cities are connected to Vallus Mariners using three separate underground tunnels as well.

The Cydonia region ruins were the last base that the Pleiadians, Lyrans, and Sirians had on Mars. When our solar system fell to the Orion group, which was approximately 317,000 B.C, the base was partially destroyed. Interestingly, Collier said that the first human landing on Mars happened in March 1959 by the alleged NSA black government.

The black government sent three craft from the Moon to the area known as Cydonia. There was a total of 29 military and scientific personnel in all that went on this first expedition there. All the personnel recruited for this mission have no records or references to their existence on Earth. The bases on Mars were finished in 1968. Unfortunately, they were invaded by a group from Orion and Draconis and Earth lost its communication.

According to Collier, humans consist of 22 extraterrestrial races. He claimed that there are about 135 billion people living on the planets in the eight closest galaxies to us. He even said that when he visited one of those habitable planets, those people got scared of seeing an earthling because of our bad reputation. In the whole universe, only humans could make their own people slaves and kill them for their own benefits.

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