New Classified 22-Page UFO Report Has 200 Unsolved Cases That May Prove Aliens Exist

The recent New York Times story on the UAP phenomena has created a spark in the UFO community as the report says many sightings are explainable: errant junk in the sky, like balloons, or surveillance activity. A lot of people including the experts criticized the NY Times for downplaying the efforts of many Naval and Air Force pilots in bringing the UFO discussion into the mainstream media, turning a fringe into reality.

Despite this, a new classified UFO report was handed to Congress and according to some insiders, half of the sightings are still unexplainable. “The 22-page report, compiled by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), analyzes 366 cases – and only about half of them could be explained,” DailyMail reports.

The first UFO report was released in June 2022, which detailed 144 UAP cases but just one of them could be explained. The Pentagon officials stated that there were now more than 400 UAP events being investigated before a congressional hearing earlier this year.

Now, according to ODNI, the new classified report includes a video shot by Reaper drones conducting surveillance in the Middle East that caught “orbs” flying around, then “suddenly bolting off the screen.” Others are comparable to well-known encounters by Navy F-18 fighter pilots who observed, captured on camera, and noted on radar “Tic Tac” and “Gimbal” shaped craft flitting near training areas off the US east and west coasts, moving at supersonic speeds and displaying incredible manoeuvres with no apparent means of propulsion.

It was previously reported that a public version of the classified report was set to release on October 31, 2022, but now they have been postponed by a few days. Blackvalut’s John Greenewald Jr. says: “I’ve lost hope the UFO report will be PUBLICLY available today. There are now numerous reasons I say that. Later this week? Hoping I’m wrong? Double.”


The report was required by the 2022 Defense Bill that mandated that the Director of National Intelligence provide an annual declassified update and a classified annex by October 31 of every year through 2026.

A U.S. official told ABC News that the most recent UAP occurrences can be attributed to a combination of weather balloons, aerial clutter, and foreign monitoring, however, it is unknown how many new reports will be included in the future update. Nevertheless, the official emphasized that there are still certain occurrences that are mysterious.

New Classified 22-Page UFO Report
Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray played a video of an ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ during May 2022 Congressional hearing. Image credit: WSJ

According to the ODNI source, there are numerous classified UFO movies shot by MQ-9 Reaper drones abroad that are stored on government systems. “These drones operate 20-25,000 feet up in the air and they’re flying around.”

What about classified videos and photos insiders talked about?

One of the Navy F-18 pilots named Ryan Graves observed “gimbal-shaped” objects pulling high-gravity manoeuvres and exhibiting no propulsion heat signature on infrared cameras. He warned against ignoring such occurrences in a tweet on October 28, 2022.

Moreover, Congressman Tim Burchett, a Republican representing Tennessee who is a longtime proponent of disclosure, tweeted: “Why is the new UAP report on Monday going to be classified? Americans deserve to know if these incidents have natural explanations, if foreign adversaries are spying on us, or if there’s *something else* going on.”

In the UAP / UFO – Full documentary, Rep. Burchett shows Coulthart very clear polaroid photos of a hovering metallic flying saucer on his phone. “I am just saying that I have been briefed by the people. I have talked with the navy pilots who have absolutely nothing to gain by telling me information. You know they have shown me photographs of very unusual and in fact, there is something in our airspace we do not control and that would be very concerning,” he said.

On Rob Schmitt Tonight, he discussed the federal government’s lack of transparency on the existence of UFOs. He said: “It’s bogus. It’s a cover-up. It’s the things that I can’t tell you about that I’ve seen that would really disturb you. It’s a threat to our country’s safety ‘the airspace.’ We did not control it and the Pentagon is basically involved in a cover-up.”

“There’s an arrogance in government at that level that we cannot handle what’s going on out there,” Burchett claimed on News Nation’s “On Balance with Leland Vittert.”

He claimed the search for the truth is being hampered by a lack of transparency, “which isn’t just unfair to the public but it could put the safety of our pilots in jeopardy.” He noted: “Plenty of military pilots have reported UAP encounters that have no logical explanation. Some of them have warned it was only a matter of time before an aircraft got into a mid-air collision with an unexplained object.”

In 2021, former Pentagon UFO official Luis Elizondo stated to have seen the UFO footage, describing it as showing unidentified floating objects for 23 minutes. He made this revelation while talking to the YouTube channels Fade to Black and Witness Citizen UAP. During the talk, Elizondo revealed that the UFO video was extremely compelling.

According to Elizondo, the video is said to show multiple UFOs which are moving in ways and strange “patterns” that humans do not conventionally understand – with data recorded using US military systems.


He also mentioned this video in his interview with GQ. He stated: “It was the overwhelming weight of evidence and data. I was talking to pilots routinely. There’s videos out there [in government, that the public haven’t seen] – there’s one that’s 23 minutes long. There’s another one where this thing is 50 feet away from the cockpit. I mean, it ain’t ours. We know that. Sometimes you just couldn’t believe it – you’d have seven or eight incidents in a single day. I’d get these emails from an admiral or a ship’s captain saying, ‘Lue, what do you want me to do? I can’t keep people below deck forever. These things are swarming my ship, they’re all over the place.’ That’s tough. I kept promising the cavalry was coming and I’d have answers for them and the cavalry never came. Senior leadership didn’t want to deal with it.”

While discussing the 23-minute UFO video, Elizondo mentioned that it is a very compelling footage. “I did not say what it was. I sent it out to some highly trained experts in the ISR (Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) community. And when they came back to me, the title of the email was quote unquote ‘that UFO video’.”

He added: “It is definitive and its perplexing, every time you think you are like ‘thats what I am looking at’ – bang, it changes.” When quizzed by host Jimmy Church on the way the object moved, its speed and if it was “beyond our capabilities,” Elizondo said it was enough to make officials “raise our eyebrows and say woah.”

There are a lot of reasons for the DOD to keep the data classified. Sue Gough, a Defense Department spokesperson said: “We are collecting as much data as we can, following the data where it leads, and will share our findings whenever possible. We will not rush to conclusions in our analysis. In many cases, observed phenomena are classified as ‘unidentified’ simply because sensors were not able to collect enough information to make a positive attribution.” He continued: “We are working to mitigate these shortfalls for the future and to ensure we have sufficient data for our analysis.”

Filmmaker and UFO researcher Jermy Corbell says that he has sources and friends at military assets (bases, nuke sites, etc.), who told him that they are pretty good at dealing with incursions of reconnaissance drones by known adversaries. Drones typically are not hard to detect, track, net, blow up or electronically jam and “return to sender” with a boom. Some drones are made to carry payloads and explosives. This happens almost every day in the theatre of war and it is a serious issue for those involved. If that is the case, no military personnel should mistake “UFOs” for spy drones and report them.

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