Aliens will attack Earth in December, say ufologists

We’ve already survived there are many conspiracy theories that claimed the world would come to an end. The last one involving extraterrestrials was in September, when the British newspaper Daily Star stated that an alien invasion would happen and change the future of earthlings.

And, guys, it looks like this time it will, see? But the world has gone so wrong, we bet even aliens don’t want to take over Earth…

Ufologists claim to have detected a large number of UFOs heading towards our planet, informs the Gazeta Daily portal.

According to the group of ufologists, who have detected a large number of celestial bodies approaching our planet, the extraterrestrials that will land on Earth will attack it in December.

According to them, a part of these objects classified as an extraterrestrial fleet, altered their trajectory. They classify this as a deception strategy, because the other objects keep coming closer to Earth.

Fans of the conspiracy theory have already noticed the size of the objects, the area of the largest one can measure up to 4 thousand square meters. The other ships also have large dimensions.

Several ufologists assume that extraterrestrials plan to land and start their offensive in Russia. Ufologists are based on the fact that the first extraterrestrial visitors to Earth landed in the region of Yakutia, Russia and this place is familiar to them.

Connection with Russians

A self-described psychic has made a shocking claim: In December, aliens will invade Earth, and World War III will break out. According to him, that’s what the Bible and Nostradamus predicted.

According to claims made by psychic T Chase, who manages the YouTube channel Revelation13, extraterrestrial forces are preparing a major attack against Earth, and the events leading up to the attack have been described both by Nostradamus and the book of Revelation.

In one of his videos, the medium claims to have been able to decipher the clues hidden in ancient scriptures, which finally allowed him to lay out a theory detailing the impending doom.

According to T Chase, one of the major catalysts for the coming apocalypse is Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he sees as someone determined to start a third event of global hostility. Once the Third War is underway, extraterrestrial forces will interfere, aided by – Jesus himself.

Christ + ET

The Christ-ET coalition will defeat Putin and then begin to install a new world order, in which the chaotic nature of human beings will be slowly eliminated. T Chase says that a DNA-altering technology the aliens possess will allow humans to become more peaceful and orderly creatures.

“Humans are too prone to war to ever live peacefully,” said the seer.

clairvoyant conclusion

Putin was prophesied to be the harbinger of fateful fate, because when he rose to power various heavenly signs appeared. A number of planets aligned in the shape of a cross, together with a solar eclipse, gave this event all the earmarks for changing times.

T Chase also cited the book of Revelation as a source of information regarding the alleged coming invasion. T said:

If you decode Revelation 19, it looks like a UFO invasion. In Revelation 19:11 it says ‘I saw heaven open’ and ‘a white horse’, and Revelation 19:14 says ‘and the armies in heaven rode on white horses’.

I’m saying the white horses could be UFOs – it could be Christ and his UFO squadron to defeat the Anti-Christ in the battle of Armageddon.

T Chase invokes another Bible metaphor in his argument. He says that in Revelation 21 the book speaks of a New Jerusalem, and in his opinion this could be seen as an alien city, or mothership, being transported from another dimension to serve as an alien headquarters.

Perhaps they will modify human DNA to make us more peaceful… this is what could happen there.

If this sounds too out of the ordinary to be true, your common sense is still working. The Bible can be interpreted in many ways and, to be honest, this is a characteristic interpretation of the 21st Century, a period marked by fears of alien invasions and planetary power grabs.


But T Chase claims that the signs are not only present in the Bible, but also in the writings of Nostradamus:

For a long time a gray bird will be seen in the sky.
Close to Dôle and the lands of Tuscany.
It holds a branch with flowers in its beak,
but he dies too soon and the war ends.
The psychic believes that the gray bird may be a UFO belonging to the Gray aliens, who will appear in the skies over Europe. Another clue is hidden in Centuria 2, Quadra 70 in the writings of the reputed seer:

The dart from heaven will make its extension.
Deaths Talking: Great Execution.
The stone in the tree, the proud nation restored,
Noise, human monster, purge atonement.
The dart is undoubtedly a UFO with destructive capabilities and will be seen wiping out millions, claims T Chase.

If you look at the doomsday predictions for 2016, none have come true. The texts of Nostradamus and the Bible are, to say the least, ambiguous, and interpretations can be made freely.

But will they really come to attack us?

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