Russia W.a.r.n.s That A Conflict With Aliens Has Started In The Arctic

The belief in life beyond our world remains one of the fundamental mysteries of our civilization. Even if there are numerous bits of proof that may prove the presence of extraterrestrial races, there are also many that also do not accept that there are any planets much more evolved than our own.

Back in 1989, the former Soviet Union selected 20 individuals out of a total of 30,000 to attempt to promote the research of extraterrestrial beings. These people may discover visitors from other planets utilizing other previously unknown powers.

Today, the Kremlin is implying that the US, as well as the planet as a whole, will have certain vital stuff to think about, and that is linked to the defeat of the United States Air Force by an interdimensional computer – the UFO – in the Arctic Circle in 2020.

This UFO came into the environment of Siberia and then started to cross the globe. It just drifted in the atmosphere over the Philippines afterward to the Arctic Circle, where it stayed concealed in the Greenland Sea with enough intensity to trigger a 5.8 magnitude earthquake.

What do you think this does to you? Perhaps an interstellar takeover or a war between the elite of the planet and the extraterrestrials?

Take a look at the video below for more details.

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