Russia: Had a Policeman Found a Mummified Alien?

There is information on the Internet about the unusual discovery of a Russian policeman. According to Knowledge Time, a police officer found a mummified body of a small creature near the Russian Kyshty. The man did not hesitate and took the body to the morgue, where the doctor said it was not a human body.


According to available information, the creature’s skull should only have 4 bones, while the human’s had 6 bones. The eyes were very large and the body was only 25 cm long. Additional information indicates that the body of a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ was stolen.

The case is also very similar to another that occurred near the Atacama Desert. A woman would have heard voices in her head that led her to a cave in the desert. She found a strange little creature with big eyes instead. She took the creature in her arms and carried it away. But there was a car accident and the woman had to be hospitalized. During this, someone stole her body. In any case, there is no doubt that this is a strange event. Learn more in the video below. We’ll leave the final judgment to you. A police officer would have found a mummified alien

A video showing a strange creature filmed in Irkutsk, Russia has intrigued locals. Some have even claimed that it is an alleged alien (watch the video), but others believe it to be, in fact, the remains of a dead animal, according to a report by the Belgian news website “Vandaag”.

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