The Best UFO Photo Ever Taken

Whether you believe in aliens or not, over the years there have been many photographs of unexplained flying objects. Most of them are blurry, partially obscured, or simply unconvincing. However, there were also many mass sightings and events with interesting stories. For example, in 1952, several “bright lights” appeared in the sky over Washington, D.C. They have been seen both in the sky and on radar screens at various nearby airports, as well as at US Air Force bases. This is being investigated by the government under Project Blue Book. No additional information has been released.

And in 1942, during World War II, an object resembling a flying saucer was seen in the sky over Los Angeles. The US military, still shaken by the attack on Pearl Harbor, thought it was more of an enemy action. They fired 1,400 flak into the sky to deal with the threat, but hit absolutely nothing. But now we have possibly the best UFO photo ever taken.

The best photo ever taken
The image was originally taken by an automatic camera used by the National Geographic Institute of Costa Rica in 1971. When aerial photography Sergio Loays flew over the earth at 10,000 feet to take pictures for the map. The black and white photographs were taken at 20 second intervals. And in one of the shots, a strange object could be seen floating over Loch de Cotes at 8:25 am local time.

The best UFO photo ever taken.

Image studies were conducted by Costa Rican UFO researchers Ricardo Vilches, Dr. Richard Haynes, and Dr. Jacques Vallee. Which concluded that the image was not the result of double exposure or editing. The high-res version of the image was posted by Esteban Carranza, a Costa Rican who describes himself on Twitter as a “UFO enthusiast”.

According to UAP Media UK, Carranza received a “contact” copy of the original image from his late uncle. Who passed away last year. Uncle previously obtained the image in the late 1970s or early 1980s from the National Geographic Institute.

Photo research and processing
Carranza sent the negative to Michael Strickland’s photo lab in Kansas, USA. Where a very high-quality 1.7 GB scan was obtained using the Tango Drum Scanner. In a tweet, Carranza explained that he met with people from the National Geographic Institute and operators. As part of their efforts to produce high resolution images last year.

“I did this high resolution scan last year. Met with people from the National Geographic Institute and tracked down the technician in charge of the camera in 1971,” Carranza explained in a tweet. “But there is no reason for the image to be only on my desktop. Outreach is a team effort and everyone should have that look.”

Investigative journalist and UFO researcher Leslie Keane. Called this image probably the best UFO photo ever taken.

“This was done in the 1970s from a government mapping aircraft in Costa Rica. Which had a camera attached to the bottom of the plane. And it was flying over the terrain,” Keene explained to digital media The Costa Rica News. “There was this disk object. You can clearly see the sun bouncing off this round object with a small dot at the top. And the important thing is that it was a government photograph. There is a clear chain of custody. It has always been in the possession of the government of Costa Rica. So you know it’s genuine and therefore completely inexplicable.”

Research has determined that the object has an estimated diameter of 36 to 67 meters across. Without a doubt, this is a truly amazing image, which clearly shows a strange flying object. Now we just need to know if it is of extraterrestrial origin or some secret military project.

What do you think of the UFO image? Are we facing one of the best UFO photos in history?


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