Alien Ship 1.6 Km Long – The Inhabitants Of Colombia Are Concerned

A 1.6 km long alien ship has disappeared over Cartagena, Colombia – residents are worried.

Have you ever seen a UFO hidden in a giant cloud? Honestly, how would you feel if a 1-mile long UFO flew over your city? Maybe you could call 911. Yes, but why? What could they do in such a situation?

What surprises me is that few people talk about this incident. It is not every day that such a strange phenomenon can be observed. Even the only video dedicated to this is only a couple of minutes long.

However, we will give you a video so you can watch it yourself.


The impending dystopian-like cloud has shocked locals in Colombia. After a threatening formation rose above the tall buildings.

The phenomenon was seen over the city of Cartagena in the northern Colombian department of Bolívar on July 4. Creating scenes like in the cult classic film Independence Day.

Locals in Catagena, Colombia were stunned by a spectacular cloud that formed over their city.
The cloud over the Colombian city looked strikingly similar to scenes from the 1996 film Independence Day.

Independence Day, 1996

When America celebrated its own Independence Day, the locals in Colombia were shocked. Seeing a cloud that seemed to glow from within as it traveled across the sky.

The stunned locals filmed the movement of the cloud and also photographed the impressive shape in the sky.

The dramatic formation was similar to scenes from the 1996 film Independence Day starring Will Smith. In which alien ships hovered over the major cities of the world, the invasion of which claimed the lives of millions of people.

In iconic scenes, an alien ship uses a downward beam to blow up buildings, including the White House. But the cloud over Cartagena had no such dramatic cause or ending.

The cloud over the Colombian city scared the locals.

Instead, head of the forecasting department of the Institute of Meteorology and Environmental Studies of Colombia. Cristian Euskategui said that the impressive cloud formed due to pressure changes.

He said the cumulus was the product of very “special” conditions. Which occur when relative levels of atmospheric pressure are present. He added that this was not related to tropical waves hitting the northern part of the country.


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