The Bizarre Patomskiy Crater: A Great Mystery Hidden Deep In The Forests Of Siberia

The renowned Patomskiy crater is located in the Badoibinsky area of the Irkutsk province in southeastern Siberia. A Russian geological team led by Vadim Kolpakov found it in 1949.

For a long time, specialists have been baffled by this intriguing creature, unable to explain its origins in any manner. The crater is a 40-meter-high, 180-meter-diameter limestone mound in the shape of a cone. This cone has a capacity of up to 250 thousand cubic meters and is comprised of crushed gray limestone. The “Fire Eagle Nest” crater is located on the mountain’s slope among coniferous trees and is known locally as the “Fire Eagle Nest.”

Several theories imply that a funnel developed as a result of volcanic activity is hidden beneath the flat surface of the crater in the middle. The larch trees on the slope are over 200 years old, however, the tree growing in the middle of the limestone hill is just 71 years old. According to calculations, the crater is barely 300 to 350 years old. Radiation has been blamed for the apparent accelerated growth of nearby trees.

There were several ideas concerning the crater’s genesis from the start, including volcanic, space (meteorite fall), extraterrestrial (alien shipwreck), and military (nuclear charge test). As a consequence of three tough excursions carried out in the new millennium, scientists have established that the crater is a peculiar volcano caused by methane gas emissions.

A crashed flying saucer, according to one popular notion, lies under the crater. Electromagnetic radiation is out of control above it, and scientists believe there is a lenticular object in its deep with a diameter of 8 to 16 meters! So, what might it be, exactly? Is this volcanic ash or the debris of an extraterrestrial spacecraft?

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