Cherokee Tribe And The Ancient Beings Called Nunnehi: Are They Travelers From Other Worlds?!

Strange aliens with teleportation and invisibility are described in Cherokee extraterrestrial mythology. Even in battles against invading armies, they fought with them.

Nunnehi, as the Cherokee call them, are weird beings. The Nunnehi were enigmatic otherworldly entities that had a favorable impact on this tribe, even helping them fight local and European invaders. The Cherokee are Aboriginal people who inhabit Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. They are also known as the Cheque.


They are deeply spiritual people who believe in three worlds: the Upper, This, and Underworld. According to the Cherokee, spiritual force may also be found in this realm, the physical earthly world. It can be found in all of nature, including rocks, rivers, plants, and animals. Even natural structures, such as those found in caves and mountains, may be a source of inspiration.

The Nunnehi are depicted as simple, intangible entities with the ability to materialize themselves at will. They also morphed into a warrior shape that was more human-like.

They were similar to indigenous Americans, but they had a “supernatural” or “extraterrestrial” quality about them. Nunne’hi means “travelers,” but it also means “those who dwell wherever” since they lived in different parts of the country. They were thought to be extraterrestrials with superhuman abilities including invisibility from above, teleportation, and, most unexpectedly, immortality.

They assisted travelers who went lost in the desert or grew seriously ill, transporting them to their underground worlds to be cured. Some Cherokees even moved in with them permanently.

They fought alongside the Cherokees in their battles against the invaders.

The Nunnehi regularly joined this Native American tribe during fights against European immigrants or invaders. When the Cherokees began to forcibly retreat from their homeland on Mount Nikwais in North Carolina, an unknown entity, together with another battalion, appeared to challenge the invaders; they were amazed by the unseen things.

Ethnologist James Mooney compiled legends about these beings’ dwellings constructed on a circular depression of the ground in his 1898 book Cherokee Myths. The mansion, which was built in the style of Cherokee villas and was located near Tugaloo’s ancient town, was comparable to Cherokee villas. The people who lived there were intangible — they didn’t have anyone. Whenever rubbish or garbage was dumped in that residence, it was quickly cleaned up. English colonists experienced the same unique experience.

They were thought to be humanoids with superhuman skills. Blood Mountain, Georgia, near Lake Trahlyta, Pilot Knob Mountain, Colorado, and Mount Nikwasi are all home to the Nunnehi. Several of these formations are regarded to be old man-made buildings created by these entities.

So, might these Nunnehi have been extraterrestrials who regularly talked with the Cherokees? Other American stories, such as the Hopi Indians’ “Ant People,” reference similar spirits.

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