D.e.a.t.h Valley, Siberia: The Place That Would Have Real Evidence That We Were Visited In The Past By Extraterrestrials

Siberia, located in Russia, is a place still little explored due to the fact that there are many wild animals. And because it is an extensive forest, there is no population inhabiting the place. However, in addition to these details, there are some mysteries in the forest, which frighten and further distance people from going to the place.

D.e.a.t.h. Valley – The place that would be the key piece in the search for evidence that supports that we were indeed visited by extraterrestrials in the past!!

The Siberian taiga is a vast region of northern Russia and Kazakhstan that has an unexplored and mysterious forest covering over 100,000 km² in area. Some regions, like Yakutia in the west, are completely uninhabited. There are no trails or places to walk, just swamps, trees rooted in each other, and mosquitoes.

It is here that a mystery of nature fuels the legends of Death Valley. According to records of expeditions from the last century and adventurers willing to explore the place, the taiga has metal structures that sprout from the ground frozen by temperatures of 40 degrees below zero.

These structures can be found in underground galleries, accessed by winding stairs. Inside them, the ambient temperature is pleasant and warm. Also called “cauldrons,” these metal structures are fading over time, and in their place, reddish blotches on the ground are all that’s left.

For some reason, these places are dangerous for animals and living things. Just stand a little bit near one of these spots and you’ll feel dizzy and faint. There are reports of sequelae of an unknown and lethal disease.

For the elders of the Yukatian tribe, the explanation is that the entire environment would be the abode of ancient demons, known as Niurgun Bootur and Tong Duurai. Russian ufologists defend another thesis, that the cauldrons are nothing more than UFOs destroyed in an ancient air battle.

Currently, the radiation level at the site is growing and wildlife is leaving the forest, as if foreshadowing that something great is about to happen. Until the true origin of the cauldrons is discovered – believe me, there aren’t many expeditions going there, and the few that did, didn’t gain much credence from the scientific community – the mystery remains.

All that is known for now is that Death Valley is likely a geological treasure, with magnetic mountains and titanium ores galore. It is a mystery that has not yet been explored and, due to its adverse conditions, it does not find funding for more complex expeditions.

The Alien Cauldrons

A team of scientists and researchers have just returned from an expedition in Siberia and the Valley of the Dead and are claiming to have found evidence that at least five of the legendary cauldrons were supposedly built by aliens.

We went out to Death Valley to really see and investigate the cauldrons that people say are there, and we actually found five metallic objects buried in the swamp,” scientist Michale Visok said in an interview with a Russian newspaper about what they had found.

Michael gave the following details about these metal objects:

They are submerged in small pools in the swamp with water, almost 1 meter deep. They are definitely metallic. Scientists walked on top of the objects, and it was possible to hear metallic sounds when colliding with the objects.

Objects are very smooth to the touch, but there are sharp points along the outer edges. Two of the team members became ill during the investigation. The team consisted of three geologists, an astrophysicist, a mechanical engineer and 3 research assistants. Russian ufologists believe these “cauldrons” are the remains of UFOs, destroyed in an accident or an ancient air battle. The researcher Dr. Valerey Uvarov argues that they are connected to a power plant located deep within the Earth, a weapon to protect the planet from dangers in outer space.

Extraterrestrials would have built them in ancient times, and now they work automatically… They would have dropped the Tunguska meteorite (1908), the Chulym meteorite (1984), the Vitim meteorite (2002) and possibly in 2011 the Irkutsk meteorite. The location of the cauldrons appears to coincide with large meteorites that have fallen nearby – which makes the idea even more plausible. Some past and recent expeditions have resulted in some form of radiation sickness for people visiting the area.

All about cauldrons


Siberia, a home to frozen landscapes and the origin of countless mysteries. A beautiful but mysterious land in Russia that has it all. From stories of lost civilizations, countless strange explosions like Tunguska, to countless UFO sightings and strange phenomena, as we said, Siberia has it all and more.

Yakutia is a largely unexplored, inhospitable and swamp-filled region in northern Russia. It is a place that locals avoid at all costs, as, according to them, anyone who enters never comes back. There, in the enigmatic and mysterious frozen landscape, people claim to have found, among many other mysterious things, metallic spheres whose purpose and origin are as controversial as they are inexplicable to science. Whoever ventures to this location can find many mysterious metal spheres, which many say are of extraterrestrial origin.

An alien defense base?

It almost looks like a science fiction movie, but the few people who have ventured into uncharted lands in the region have seen the mysterious spheres and claim they are strategically placed. This fact has given rise to several conspiracy theories that suggest that the enigmatic metallic spheres are not only of alien origin, but were placed there to protect the region from the dangers of space and even “hostile” energies. Beyond any speculation, the truth is that this mysterious area of ​​land has been the protagonist of several catastrophic events, such as the great explosion of Tunguska in 1908, Chulum in 1984 and Vitim in 2002. It is almost as if the entire region were a magnet for The destruction.

People who live in the vicinity of this dangerous place believe that something out of the ordinary really occurs: This place is responsible for countless deaths and diseases that marked the fate of those who dared to walk inside this zone near these metal spheres that, according to rumors , are of extraterrestrial origin. In 1853, R. Maak, a well-known explorer of the region, wrote: “In Suntar [a Yakut settlement] I am told that in the upper parts of Viliuy there is a stream called Algy timirbit (which translates as “the great cauldron”) flowing into the Viliuy. Near its shore, in the forest, is a giant copper cauldron of sorts. Its size is unknown as only the edge is visible on the ground, but several trees grow inside it.”

In 1936, near the Olguidakh River, a geologist led by native elders found a smooth, reddish metallic half sphere, protruding from the ground with an edge so sharp that “a fingernail could be cut.” Its outer walls were approximately two centimeters thick and protruded from the ground approximately one-fifth of their diameter. The geologist sent a description to Yakutsk, the regional center.

In 1979, an archaeological expedition from Yakutsk tried to find more spheres like the ones found. Team members were accompanied by a guide who had seen the structures several times in his youth. However, since the years have passed and the topography of the region has changed, the group has not been able to find these other structures.

The same was recorded by ND Arkhipov, a researcher who studied the ancient cultures of Yakutia, who wrote: “Among the population of the Viliuy basin, there is an ancient legend about the existence in the upper parts of that river of bronze cauldrons or olguis. These legends deserve full attention, as the chance of there actually being cauldrons is high.”

Lone hunters who have ventured into the area where the metal spheres are said to be located say that some of the mysterious spheres are submerged in water, while others are half-buried in the ground. Some have already been devoured by vegetation and remain hidden. However, they plague the entire area.

The metal in these spheres is also said to be extremely strong and hard, and no one has been able to analyze it, for fear of approaching the spheres. The few tests carried out were ignored by laboratories that were unable to identify its composition and origin.

Local hunters say that, over time, these metal spheres sink into the ground and disappear from view. They (the spheres) leave behind strange anomalies where vegetation mysteriously cannot grow, which is why many tribal elders cursed the spheres and lands where they are found.


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