Retired Police Dog Leads Firefighters To Children Trapped In Burning Home

A retired police dog named Maxx is being hailed as a hero after he helped firefighters save two young children trapped inside their blazing home.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office says that the German Shepherd Dog helped firefighters find a 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl Monday night after a deadly fire broke out in the family home in Longwood, Florida.

Neighbors heard and explosion and called 911, media sources reported. They ran to the home to see if they could assist and were able to help the children’s mother, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Margo Feaser, out through a window. Once she was freed she immediately tried to run back into the house.

“Her primary concern was to get back in there and to rescue her children,” Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma told WFTV9 News. “She’s an absolute trooper. She’s a hero within our organization and her actions tonight demonstrate that behavior. We’re very proud of her.”

Feaser was restrained while firefighters entered the home and rescued her husband and two children.“Maxx, the family dog, is credited with assisting firefighters through the heavy smoke to the location of each of the two children,” according to a GoFundMe page set up to help the family.

All four family members are in stable condition, with their status ranging from “serious to critical” and Maxx is being treated for smoke inhalation at a local veterinary hospital. He is reportedly doing well.Good job, Maxx! It seems he hasn’t forgotten how to serve and protect, but this time he helped save his own family. Once a hero always a hero!

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