This video, posted to YouTube by user, Natholdet caused quite a stir when it first appeared online.

It is footage taken from a news broadcast in which a man is being interviewed. In the background, you can see other people going about their business. However, if you focus your attention on the woman casually standing with her arms crossed near the baggage claim, you will notice something very strange.

She engages with those around her, nodding and conversing with a woman pulling a cart full of luggage while she appears to be waiting for someone.

For a little while, the woman behind the trolley blocks our view as she starts to move in the direction of the camera. She then seems to have gone into thin air as the trolley passes! Where she had been standing is now just a blank spot.

Although it appears that the woman has vanished, some critics have argued that it might just be a trick of the eye. They point out that she might have started moving at the same same time as the other woman with the suitcase began to move ahead.

What do you think? Did this woman really teleport out of sight? Or is more likely that the whole thing was just a well timed coincidence? Either way, it is certainly a strange piece of footage an one of the creepiest things ever caught on live TV.


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