What Actually Occurred in the Known Philadelphia Experiment

One of history’s greatest mysteries and tragedies is frequently cited as the Philadelphia Experiment. It all started in 1943 when the US decided to join the war effort and realized that they needed a new, cutting-edge technology to help them turn the tide of the conflict.

At that time, they started the Philadelphia Experiment, a project in which they tried to conceal their ship by making it unobservable to enemy radars and totally impervious to magnetic marine mines.

It began on July 22nd as Dr. Franklin Reno started off his experiments by adding in two electromagnetic field generators, coils and amplifiers, and more to the USS Eldridge destroyer which would allow it to produce enough power to hide from any enemy radars whatsoever.

The test began but it didn’t go as planned. The few witnesses that weren’t on board reported the fact that the water began boiling and a green light surrounded the whole base as the ship went invisible to the naked eye.

It was seen 600 kilometers distant at the Norfolk Naval Base before returning nearly immediately to its original location.
The crew members either lost their minds, vanished completely and were never seen again, or bizarrely became trapped inside the ship’s metal.

They literally merged with the ship’s metal frame. This was the last time this sort of an experiment took place as the crew members that did make it out alive completely lost their minds and nobody knew how to explain the great losses the world had undergone that day.


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