The International Space Station Captures A Huge Alien Spacecraft Hidden In The Clouds

The search for extraterrestrial life, which would be the greatest discovery in human history, has long been recommended for reconsideration by experts.

The legendary Millennium Falcon from Star Wars has been compared to a gigantic cloud in an amazing image taken from the International Space Station (ISS). The Daily Star said that Annie, a woman, noticed something odd while viewing a live stream of the International Space Station.

In the image, the questionable clouds appear to form a full circle above Africa’s west coast. The images were published on MrMBB333, a well-known YouTube channel with a focus on science and space.

On the west coast of Africa, we have a large object that resembles the Millennium Falcon, MrMBB333 said. “That cloud’s outline isn’t random, and neither are the other clouds around it. It looks like a Millennium Falcon version.” It’s almost a perfect match, Annie said, which was a great comment. This is one of a few ISS live camera features that draw attention from viewers.

The video has gained popularity on social media since it was posted on YouTube on March 17. Additionally, many people wanted to comment on the peculiarity. According to others, the shape resembled the Millennium Falcon and perhaps the mothership from Independence Day. Conspiracy theorists claim that the images provide further evidence that the coronavirus pandemic is merely a prelude to a future alien invasion.

Alien invasion?

These photographs would be a new proof of extraterrestrial spaceships landing on our planet. Remember how, at the beginning of the month, we shared a video of hundreds of lights forming a shape as they approached Earth? We believed they were satellites or meteorites, but they vanished as if they had never existed within a few minutes.

We must add that strange blue lights have recently been spotted and captured on camera in the skies all around the world.

In Madrid, Spain, several witnesses saw nighttime blue clouds above buildings. About seven minutes passed while the strange light lingered in the clouds until it vanished. On a beach close to Barcelona, Spain, an odd blue light in the sky during a lightning storm changed into what appeared to be a massive UFO.

These are only a few instances that demonstrate how close we are to an alien invasion.

Science has also informed us that this possibility exists. The scientist Stephen Hawking has frequently said that a collision of civilizations could be fatal for humanity. The scientist predicted that native populations would be wiped out when Europeans arrived in America in the fifteenth century.

It argues that alien civilizations are more advanced than humans and have developed technologies that we do not have if they can reach Earth. We must now determine whether they desire our extinction, servitude, or just consumption.

What impressions do you have of the International Space Station? Is this an alien spacecraft? Do you have another theory in mind, though?


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