Incredible Alien Bodies Found in Malta Archaeological Find

Back in 1902, a discovery was made in Malta which has been hidden from the rest of the world for well over 100 years now.

While excavating the site, the workers that were just doing their job accidentally stumbled upon an ancient burial sanctuary of some sort.

The Oracle Room, as many called it, is filled to the brim with statues of chubby women, with the most notable one being portrayed sleeping.

All 7,000 remains which were uncovered in here date back to well over 5,000 years ago which makes this the oldest burial sanctuary ever uncovered.

What really shocked Dr. Anton Misfud and Dr. Charles Savona Ventura though wasn’t the age necessarily, but the abnormalities that came with them.

The skulls that were uncovered here had developed temporal partitions, a lack of fossa, a lack of cranial knitting lines, drill holes, and even a swollen occipital.

The skulls were elongated as well, as you can see from the photographs, and specialists claim that this wasn’t done artificially.

Because they were depicted with elongated heads, many people think that the ancient indigenous inhabitants of Malta were all aliens, just like the ancient Pharaohs were.

To this day, we are still unsure of who or why the Oracle Room was constructed. Any suggestions?


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