Aircraft With Alien Technology? America’s Secret Revealed

There are many eyewitness statements that assure the collision of an alien ship in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, this being one of the most extraordinary events that has occurred in decades, however, years later, scientists and senior military officials, they assured that this event was what led to perfect technological developments in recent times.


Does the US have Alien-powered planes?

In the year 1990, the inhabitants of New Mexico heard a roar in the sky, an unusual roar, when I look at a silhouette I see them, this figure had the shape of a triangle, many think it was a UFO, but in reality could be something much more incredible and created by humans themselves, the TR-3B aircraft is a consequence of black programs, secret programs in which the United States Air Force in cooperation with NASA and other companies.

TR-3B plane

These factories have tested incredible aircraft with unimaginable characteristics, a testament to those dark designs we have in the massive cover-up of the F-117 Nighthawk aircraft, a stealth aircraft that has been secretly developed and tested for over 10 years despite numerous sightings. its existence. In the end, the F-117 project was discovered and declassified, later associated with the U2R aircraft.

How was this technology developed?

First they designed the TR-3, which is a subsonic spy plane, then the TR-3A Sportster and then the TR-3B, but how was this technology developed? The United States has several ships of this type active since 1994, it is known that they are ships that were developed with the mixture of the antigravity technology developed by Nikola Tesla and the supposed technology of extraterrestrial ships recovered by the United States.

TR-3A Sportster

According to testimonies of military pilots involved in the project, these ships can incredibly reach the lunar orbit in less than an hour, all of this carrying cargo and human personnel, in this sense there is already a great possibility of supplying military bases on the moon and elsewhere, incidentally. , there were people who saw this aircraft on the moon that if it were true it would be one of the best if not the best achievement of the 20th century.

Why are they trying to hide this information?

Investigators and conspiracy experts indicate that the United States government has dedicated itself to confidentially removing the remains of the alien craft, whose terrifying collision occurred in the vast New Mexico desert in 1947, responsible for disclosing the details. That’s what researcher Uri Geller, this is the famous mentalist, who in the 1960s participated in hundreds of enigmatic experiments at the military base, using what is believed to be alien technology.

Alien technology plane

Farmer Williams’ son Bill McBrazel was the one who mentioned having discovered various materials scattered around the Rancho Foster area, when statements were made about it, he said the material he found was like aluminum foil, but it didn’t break. He also indicated that the material could be bent or wrinkled, returning to its original state or shape, being flexible it could not be bent like an ordinary material. Unofficially, it is known that they were carried out within the Navy with the aim of mind control on the subject.

Thanks to the study and subsequent duplication of this technology, today we can see so many advances in science, aerodynamics, arsenal, among many others, all as a result of the Roswell accident over 60 years ago. But we don’t share the idea that all this is hidden, tell us what you think about it.

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