Classified Sensational Photo Of UFO Next To Fighter Plane Published For First Time

The photo, called “The Most Impressive UFO Photo”, was taken in 1990 in Scotland. When it was attempted to be published in the press, it was classified by the authorities as “Top Secret”, forbidden to be published and confiscated, but thanks to the investigation of a journalist, the footage was finally shown to the public.

In August 1990, after a busy day shift, two young chefs from a hotel in the town of Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland, were walking through the picturesque hills of the Cairn Gorm Mountains. Suddenly, they see what they describe as a “huge alien ship” in the sky.

The object is diamond shaped and stands motionless in the air without making any sound. The boys are so frightened by this sight that they run to the nearest bushes and hide in their foliage.

They sit there for a few minutes while the object continues to circle above them. Suddenly they hear a strange noise and see a plane. In appearance, it looks like a Tornado fighter, which in those years was based at the local Leuchars Military Base.

The plane flies past the object, then turns back and circles it as if examining it. One of the eyewitnesses had a camera with him and managed to take six pictures of the UFO and fighter jet before the strange object shot up vertically and disappeared high into the sky.

Shocked by what they saw, but pleased that they had managed to take pictures, the young men developed the tape and sent the pictures to the editors of the Daily Record, one of Scotland’s leading newspapers.

But not a single photo was published, as the editors immediately handed over the photos to the British Ministry of Defense, after which they disappeared. The two young chefs also disappear…

On August 12, 2022, the British newspaper Daily Mail published one of the photos reportedly “leaked” by the Ministry of Defense thanks to Craig Lindsay, a former officer in the Royal Air Force. He kept a copy of one of the photos and kept it in his desk for 32 years, hidden in the book The Greatest Airplane in the World.

An unnamed UK Ministry of Defense insider spoke about the photo to investigative journalist David Clarke, calling it “the most impressive UFO photograph ever taken” and also “the Holy Grail in terms of conclusive evidence that these objects really exist “.

He mentions Craig Lindsay, then Clark easily tracks him down and finds him.

The journalist says:

“He is now 83 and still lives in Scotland. He feels relieved that this secret has finally been revealed to the public.”

The Ministry of Defense is still trying to cover up this story and the original photos, and also wants the names of the two eyewitnesses classified for another 54 years, until 2076, due to “confidentiality concerns”.

Clark wrote that “in his three decades of immersion in the world of ufology” he had long heard of the so-called Calvin Dossier. Calvain is a place on the Cairn Gorm mountain near the hills where the cooks saw the UFO and took the pictures.

After meeting with several insiders, Clark is lucky enough to find one that leads him to Craig Lindsay and his copy of one of the photos. Lindsey not only keeps the copy, but is also the first employee to talk to one of the eyewitness chefs.

Lindsay shares:

“I’ve been waiting over thirty years for someone to contact me about this…”

David Clarke recounts:

“The moment Craig Lindsay showed me the picture, I knew I was looking at something extraordinary. Yes, it’s a black and white image printed on colored paper, and the trees and fence look a bit faded, as if the photographer took it in a moment of panic, which is consistent with their story.

The camera is focused on a strange diamond-shaped object in the center of the frame. Unlike many other UFO images, this is a clearly structured craft of unknown origin. It looks unearthly and unlike any conventional aircraft. This is the best UFO picture I have ever seen!

Trust me, I’m not a gullible, delusional conspiracy theorist. I became a cynic after seeing hundreds of inconclusive UFO photos and videos: blurry, grainy, out-of-focus pictures of what could easily be a flying saucer or a street light or even seagulls.

But it was clearly something else. I have since analyzed the photo with Andrew Robinson, Senior Lecturer in Photography at Sheffield Hallam University. He is convinced that this is a real photo, and if it is a hoax, then it is a very elaborate one, using expensive, complicated machinery and flying models, which is not something that could be available to two chefs in a hotel.

According to Andrew Robinson, the flying object is definitely in front of the camera, meaning it is not a fake created during the editing process, and its location in the scene appears to be about midway between the fence in the foreground and the plane in the background.”

The place in the hills where the UFO was seen

Lindsay, who is described by Clarke as a pragmatic and logical man who served ten years in the army, is also convinced that the photo is real and that the frightened young chef he talks to at the time is telling the truth.

Craig says:

“As a Scottish pressman I have dealt with many UFO reports, but most of them were just lights in the sky. It was obvious that this one was different. When I asked what noise it made, the man said, “It didn’t make any noise at all.” I hadn’t taken him too seriously up to that point, but when he said that, I suddenly realized that there wasn’t a single plane that I knew of that was ‘silent’.”

Lindsay arranges with the chef to take the negatives the two eyewitnesses give to the Daily Record and fax a copy to the now-defunct Ministry of Defense UFO Office in London.

Lindsay recounts:

“And before I could get back to my desk, the phone rang and they asked me, ‘Tell me more about this. Can you take the negatives?”. When I visited the Department of Defense later that year, I saw this photo enlarged to poster size on the wall of the UFO Office.

I asked, “What’s going on?” They replied that the case was under investigation. I was told, “Leave it to London,” that is, they asked me not to interfere, which I did. Years passed and I gradually forgot about the copy of the photo in my box. Now I hope the two eyewitnesses will come forward and tell their own stories.”

At the same time, David Clark wrote that unfortunately he does not believe the object in the photo is an alien craft, but believes “that it is man-made and probably a classified US Air Force development.”

Since the mid-1980s, there have been rumors of a top-secret, exotic American spy plane called the Aurora—a silent, geometrically shaped supersonic aircraft used for spying missions.

Although there has never been any substantial evidence that such an aircraft was ever built or flown, over the years there have been numerous unexplained sightings and incidents in both the US and the UK that have fueled the Aurora myth, including the Dossier files Calvin.

Documents obtained using the Freedom of Information Act show that some Defense Department intelligence officers believed in Aurora’s existence but were not allowed to say anything publicly.

A Ministry of Defense source reports that as soon as British intelligence chiefs realized that photographs from the Calvin File might show a top secret US project, they were immediately classified – “for British eyes only”.

Last June, the Pentagon released its long-awaited report on what it now calls “unidentified aerial phenomena,” following a series of similar sightings and the release of videos showing fast-moving UFOs filmed by U.S. Navy pilots.

The new US Task Force on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena has listed five categories that most sightings will likely fall into when cleared, and one of them is “Secret Programs”.

Many researchers are convinced that the photos of the two chefs show one of these secret agendas. Meanwhile, governments find it useful to “perpetuate the flying UFO myth” as it provides a useful cover for their own covert military activities.

But in this particular case, their cover is blown by two young men who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Department of Defense must explain to the public why, if UFOs do not exist, how they can justify keeping their identities secret for another 54 years… They must explain what happened to the photographs, negatives and their files…

What does the Calvin Dossier photo actually show? A secret military project, an alien unidentified flying object or something else…? But, as Dr. J. once said. Alan Hynek, former US Air Force UFO Project Blue Book consultant: “Unidentified to whom?”.

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