An Unknown Creature Crawled Out Of The Sand

In Wales, a strange creature crawled out of the sand and greeted a five-year-old boy who was relaxing on the beach with his parents. This is reported by the Daily Post.

The meeting with the bizarre creature took place at the end of August, when Joseph from Liverpool and his parents came on vacation in the vicinity of the city of Porthmadog. The boy’s mother, Debbie, filmed how her son joyfully runs on the sand and frolic, and then posted the video on a social network.

It was thanks to this video that the family drew attention to the creature. In the footage taken by Debbie, you can see how it peeks out of the sand behind the boy and turns in his direction. At the same time, it seems that it nods, as if welcoming him.

Anglesey Sea Zoo director Frankie Hobro reviewed the video and admitted she could not determine with certainty which species the creature was. In her opinion, there are two options. This is either a bird or a crab, which is located inside a sandy hillock, formed due to the ebb and flow.

“Without additional data, it is difficult to say exactly what it could be. It’s kind of a mystery. But she has a rational and mundane explanation. Whatever it is, it’s nice to see that people are interested in the life of marine life, ”concluded Hobro.


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