Mysterious Ancient Giant Beings And Hyperborean Gallery Was Discovered In Romania

From the dawn of time, tales of giants living peacefully in total harmony with nature have captivated us. Who knew, however, that such tales were based on true occurrences involving ancient giants who formerly governed the areas around the Carpathian Mountains?

Around 3500 BC, an enigmatic civilization known as the Agathyr, a Scythian tribe, constructed the Hyperborean Gallery, an underground system of tunnels. Whatever it had kept buried for thousands of years was discovered in the 1970s by a group of archaeologists in what is now Romania’s Rosia Montana.

The scale of the findings found in those underground passageways and in the surrounding area of the excavation site calls into question the substance of all of our history books.

Unlike regular composite stone gravestones, archaeologists discovered unusual gravestones with a remarkable chemical composition: gold, granite, and wolfram.

The 33-foot-tall (10-meter) humanoid bone remains were the most impressive discovery in the subterranean exhibit. Local legends about ancient entities seem to be close to reality since people tell these stories with minimal variation from area to region.

The majority of stories describe giants who lived within the mountains and were the cause of several strange occurrences in those locations.

The Pillars of Tainita, for example, are a mountain structure that resembles a series of chairs and is said to have been erected by the giants to serve as seats in their council sessions.

One amazing folklore about a huge act of creation claims that two towns were created by two female giants on top of the mountain in Hateg County many years ago.

After they finished constructing their towns, one of the giants became enraged at the other’s more magnificent accomplishment, and in her fury, she threw an enormous rock at that settlement, causing a wide gaping hole in the mountain, thus giving the name Severed Mountain.

Throughout the previous century, several additional enormous skeletons have been discovered and unearthed around Romania.

A huge excavation in the 1940s unearthed 80 humanoid skeletons measuring around 5 meters in length (16 feet).

Another location in Romania, the woodland of Oncesti, is said to be the home of the Giants, according to legend.

In 1989, 20 enormous skeletal remains were discovered in the Romanian village of Lebada, Pantelimon.

The Bucegi Mountains in Romania are renowned across the globe for the inadvertent discovery of a hidden tunnel network underneath them.

Bucegi Mountains, Carpathian Mountains, Sinaia, Romania, Europe, winter scenery

Despite the fact that several huge bones have been excavated in various locations around Romania, many of these important findings have supposedly been destroyed or simply vanished in a short period of time. We can only hope that more sleeping giants will be discovered since Romania looks to have an extremely rich mythology that is becoming more believable with each digging by those seeking to uncover humanity’s hidden past.

Other vanished cities of giants may be found all over the planet. Archaeologists in Ecuador discovered very comparable evidence in a massive pyramid complex deep beneath the Amazon. As a result, it’s apparent that these colossi may be located all over the world.

So far, Romania is a significant center of credible evidence pointing towards an ancient race of human-like giants that lived in these areas for eons, long before the advent of man and perhaps sometime after.

It’s unclear if giants coexisted alongside smaller people, or whether we are descended from a long-forgotten huge creature’s lineage. Whatever the case may be, the unique excavations in Romania are certain to leave many gaps and unresolved issues.

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