High Ranking Military Officers Who Worked On Top Secret Programs Claim That Aliens Are Living Among Us

Military insiders have come out to explain that national governments are concealing an incredible reality while the scientific world continues to speculate on whether or not alien life exists on exoplanets found in our huge galaxy. Extraterrestrials that like us not only exist across the galaxy, but tens of thousands of them have infiltrated our society as neighbors, coworkers, teachers, physicians, and aid workers.

Emery Smith and Corey Goode claim to have worked on top-secret alien projects conducted by the US military and other armed forces that are controlled by transnational companies.

While working at highly secret institutions such as the Kirtland Air Force Base, Sandia National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and other military facilities, Smith claims to see human-looking extraterrestrials living among mankind.

Smith claims that while working at these facilities, he saw human-looking extraterrestrials who are indistinguishable from current people, according to a series of interviews performed for the popular internet streaming program “Cosmic Disclosure.” Smith replied to a query regarding extraterrestrials living among us in one of the numerous episodes:

“Well, extraterrestrials come to look at things on Earth and to keep an eye on us.” They are in charge of all terrestrial operations…. ”

I’ve come to collect information on our project and to ensure that we don’t blow up the planet or murder each other. So I’m simply here to learn and to experience what it’s like to be a human, which is ideally a vacation for them. As a result, it’s a fascinating scientific project for an alien. It’s a privilege to come here and live among us, to accomplish things, to live like a regular human being, to engage with others… It’s similar to a global Peace Corps.

He claims that he has met such extraterrestrials in clandestine initiatives operated by firms in US military installations, and that he has lately learned that up to 100,000 of them exist on the globe. Smith has already detailed the completion of tissue extractions from the corpses of dead human-looking extraterrestrials, as well as working with some of the living who attended autopsy of their deceased comrades, in earlier interviews. Smith went on to say more about what he learned from briefings regarding extraterrestrials who had penetrated human civilisation in his interview with him on August 7, 2018.

Smith stated he quit the top-secret operation in 1997 after seeing that the corpses of extraterrestrials being autopsied were still warm. He began to suspect that some of them had lately perished, purportedly as a result of torture and murder by the companies that managed the programs.

Goode’s experiences were unique, yet they were extremely similar to what Smith reported. Goode claimed to have been a member of a covert squad tasked with capturing and interrogating extraterrestrials who had infiltrated human civilization as part of a program named “Intruder, Intercept, and Interrogate.”

He responded to a query from David Wilcock on August 7 on whether extraterrestrials arrived to Earth with permission or not:

Corey They’re both true. Some of them are visitors from other star systems who are very interested in what is going on here, particularly Draco’s conquest of star systems. As a result, they’ll dispatch personnel to conduct reconnaissance.

Emery: Of course.

Corey: And if they come in without authorization, and they get caught, it’s not good for them.

Emery: No, that’s correct.

Corey: I used to be a member of a program called the Intruder, Intercept, and Interrogation Program. We also came across a number of species that were there without authorization.

Goode and Smith went on to explain how extraterrestrials with human-like appearances were able to integrate into civilization across the world:

Corey: What’s remarkable is that only 10%–15% of the entities we processed in the Intruder, Intercept, and Interrogation program were classified as “aliens.”

Emery: That’s correct.

Corey: The most of them seemed to be human. They weren’t even raised to appear like humans. They were people, after all —

Emery: That’s correct.

Corey: Only from another planet, I’m afraid. And they’re usually gathered in places where they’re likely to be mixed up.

Emery: Of course.

Corey: There are some Polynesians, for example.

Emery: That’s correct. Goode gave the following example of an alien who has infiltrated a firm and risen through the ranks over the course of a decade:

Corey: And I was there when some people were hauled out of a skyscraper in the middle of the day — he was a top executive.

The Deltas welcomed everyone, walked up and down the roof, came down from the roof, brought him outside, and interrogated him. And he’d been on Earth for nearly a decade, mixing, forming an identity, and rising through the ranks of society.

Wow, David!

Emery: Yes, they prepare these extraterrestrials to come to our planet by administering genetic inoculations similar to what we do here in terms of frequency, how they live here – and even having specific surgeries performed on them. So that they can digest our food and other things, they need to have a healthy physique.

It’s worth noting that late aerospace engineer William Tompkins claimed to have worked with “Nordic” extraterrestrials who infiltrated companies like Douglas Aircraft Company, North American Aviation, and others in the 1950s and 1960s, assisting the US Navy in the development of its secret

space program.

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