The Strange “Devil’s Sea” Is Actually a Death Trap For UFOs

In the same way as the Bermuda Triangle Every year, ships and aircraft disappear without a trace, or even a distress call, in the Caribbean’s Pacific (from a location off the coast of Japan to the island of Guam to Wake Island). Is it a coincidence that this enigmatic stretch of water is also home to some of the world’s most intense UFO activity?

Do UFOs scour the oceans like ancient pirates, plundering ships and planes?

Take the schooner Joyita, for example. She was discovered on November 10, 1955, 600 miles off course north of Samoa, waterlogged and listing heavily. Her five crew members and 20 guests were not on board. Despite the fact that there were no traces of violence, the ship’s log was gone.

The Joyita was discovered near the Pacific Ocean’s Devil’s Triangle. This triangle-shaped region, also known as the Devil’s Sea or the Devil’s Deep, stretches from a point off the coast of Japan southward to Guam Island, then east to Wake Island and back to Japan (see map). The Devil’s Deep is a legendary graveyard for ships and aircraft, similar to the Bermuda Triangle, a region of the Caribbean between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. (A lot of the information in this section comes from Joan Whritenour and Saucer Snoop, as well as Kurt Glemser.)

Actually, the Devil’s Deep’s triangular form shouldn’t be interpreted too literally. Although the majority of ship and aircraft losses occur inside the triangle, the dotted line indicates that they also occur in a larger region shaped more like an oval. A large number of ships and aircraft disappear inside the oval; ruins and corpses are seldom discovered. Distress calls from these ships or aircraft are seldom received.

Something is at work at the Devil’s Triangle (or Oval) that causes terror in the minds of seafarers and airmen who must traverse that “death trap.”

Surprisingly, both the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Triangle are located between 15 and 30 degrees latitude and stretch around 20 degrees longitude on opposing parts of the northern hemisphere.

Another dreadful resemblance is that both are located just off the coastlines of densely inhabited regions with massive air-sea traffic—America and the China-Japan complex, respectively—just off the coasts of highly populous areas with massive air-sea traffic. The last terrible link between the two nautical death zones is that a huge number of ships and aircraft disappear without a trace in both locations each year. For example, nine ships went missing in the Devil’s Deep between 1949 and 1955, resulting in the loss of 215 lives.

Where do flying saucers fit into the picture?

Let us return to Joyita, the tragic heroine. A wine bottle with a message inside was discovered at Whirltoa Beach, eight miles north of Waihi, Australia, four years after its last trip and 3,500 miles from where it was located. “Abandoning ship,” the telegram stated. We were forced to board a strange circular metallic contraption. “Please assist us.” It was signed by the Joyita’s steward. We may accept the message as genuine, quickly, and hopelessly hurled into the water by the crew of a flying saucer that grabbed 25 earth people.

Many ships and aircraft passing through the Devil’s Deep have reported strange things following them, objects that often plunge into the ocean or emerge from it.

Our side of the globe is said to have the highest rate of UFO sightings. However, there are just as many sightings of UFOs coming from the far east.

We can tell how busy UFOs are in the Eastern Hemisphere if we look at a broader “triangle.” This triangle would go from Japan to Ceylon, then east over the Indian Ocean to Australia and New Zealand, before returning to Japan through the northwest. Japan, a big chunk of China, a piece of India, all of Malaya, the East Indies (Indonesia), Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and most of Oceania would be included in this larger territory.

Since the 19th century, UFOs have been seen in the Indian Ocean region.

15th of May, 1879. Captain Pringle of the HMS Vulture observed a “huge spinning disc of light” surrounding his ship in the Persian Gulf! As if his ship was being pursued by an undersea vehicle.

The date was December 28, 1883. A similar “luminous wheel” of immense magnitude was seen nearby by the British India Company ship Patna.

The steamer Delta observed the same phenomena in the Gulf of Oman that year, as well as in the Malacca Strait in 1907.

Seaman Matthew Mengle reported a bright underwater “disc” in the Persian Gulf in 1943. It kept pace with his ship at 12 mph, then accelerated like a rocket while still underwater. The China Sea, the Sea of Japan, and all the straits and seas around the Philippines, Malaya, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, and Australia have all been claimed to contain such underwater wheel-saucers.

Among the other reports are:

Off the coast of Tasmania in the summer of 1942. On a combat patrol, two RAF planes saw a massive domed and finned saucer 150 feet wide. “Turned and plummeted straight down into the Pacific, and disappeared under, throwing up a regular swirl of waves!” the UFO said after pacing them for a bit.

The date was April 19, 1957. Two metallic discs descended at tremendous speed from the sky and dived into the sea without slowing down, causing intense turbulence, according to five crew members of the fishing boat Kitsukawara Maru. At 143′ 30′′ North and 31′ 15′′ East, the location was at the very top of the Devil’s Triangle.

November 1955 in Thailand. A pulsing light paced the crew and passengers of an airplane for an hour.

November 1955, Hong Kong. An enormous “light” bounced in the air near Kai Tak Airfield, changing form from a “bulge” to a disc at times.

1961, Kowloon. The RAF’s Anthony De Salvo captured an illuminated object hovering above a mountain.

The 11th of October, 1967, in the Fiji Islands. Four locals claimed a UFO that dove at their fishing boat and shone a searchlight at them, despite the fact that they had never read or heard of flying saucers.

On October 26, 1967, in Okinawa, Okinawa, Okinawa, Okinawa, Ok A swarm of UFOs emerged on the radarscopes of the nearby US Air Base. In an effort to track them down, F-84 and F-86 fighter planes were sent.

The 22nd of April, 1957, in Korea. In a zig-zagging course, four burning egg-shaped UFOs flashed over Taifu, South Korea. (There were also several accounts during the Korean battle when UFOs seemed to be continually in the middle of things, as though monitoring the fight.)

The 27th of October, 1957, in Malaya. Hundreds of witnesses witnessed the “ball of fire” that spanned the sky over central Malaya; it was too sluggish for a meteor and too rapid for an aircraft.

Dong Ha, Vietnam, September 9, 1968. A chopper pilot saw a bright UFO flying above the Marine Base and maintained it in view for 20 minutes.

Singapore, 24 July 1956. Dr. J. L. Bennett, a physi­cian, photographed unusual lights above the city. A big patch of light and two little specks nearby, presumably a “mother ship” and two reconnaissance saucers, were seen in the prints.

April 1954, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. J.C. Howard, who was in the Army at the time, and a friend saw a “bright UFO” drifting over the base. They employed field glasses to identify a distinct disc form with clear-cut edges.

The year is 1943, and the country is Burma. Several US pilots who were flying “the Hump” reported having been harassed by a mysterious “glittering object.” Some of the accounts were strange, claiming that the engines stopped working and that a “ray” from the UFO rendered them stationary in the air for a period of time. They were then let go, and their engines restarted.

1885, in the Mid-Pacific. A “great mass of fire” fell from the sky and almost missed the ship, according to this record from the log of a British barque. However, its behaviors, which included turning in the air, ruled out the possibility of it being a meteor.

There are several reports from Australia and New Zealand that feature all of the phenomena seen by UFOs in the United States, such as cigar-shaped UFOs, automobile chases, aircraft pacings, “exploding” UFOs, stopped autos, and other electromagnetic effects.

China is the lone blank we have, not because UFOs haven’t been spotted there, but because Communist China, like Russia, suppresses sightings. On the other hand, UFO sightings abound throughout Indonesia. In 1959, a flying saucer with four creatures on its “deck” was seen by Father Gill and a group of locals on the island of New Guinea. The occupants waved at the gaping onlookers.

Another frequent source of saucer sightings is Japan, with many of them occurring at US Air Force facilities. In the summer of 1952, at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, one of the most famous and puzzling events happened. By both the naked eye and radar, a brilliant light hanging from some black object of enormous size was seen above Tokyo Bay. The F-94s were jumbled up. The UFO then put on an aerial display that left Air Force witnesses speechless, performing impossible spins, sudden stops, and looping dives while outmaneuvering our fighters. At the Pentagon, this generated a lot of anxiety.

Still, while we’re on the subject of the “Devil’s Triangle,” which encompasses a huge portion of the western Pacific and its surrounding waterways, let’s take a look at some of the more notable incidents often linked with UFO sightings in that region.

The schooner Holchu was discovered adrift in the Indian Ocean in 1953, totally seaworthy but empty. For the five-man team, there was a supper ready to eat.

The month was February of 1948. “All officers, including the captain, dead, lying in the cabin or on the bridge, maybe entire crew dead,” said an SOS from the Dutch ship SS Ourang Medan in the Malacca Strait. The radio operator’s last words, “I die,” were clearly said by him. When the ship was subsequently boarded, every crew member had a terrified expression on his face. The fangs of the captain’s dog were bared in a snarl.

There was no evidence of violence or wounds, though. The death ship inexplicably caught fire and detonated while being pulled to port.

This is one of the most puzzling riddles in the sea’s history. Every guy was gazing up as he died, which is remarkable. What do you think it was a flying saucer beaming down some kind of “death ray” that murdered the soldiers and sparked a smoldering fire in the hold? UFO stories are not told by the dead.

Korea, March 1962. A plane was spotted going into an unusual “cloud” and never returning. The aircraft and its pilot disappeared altogether in mid-flight. At the time, a US warship reported seeing UFOs in the nearby seas. This “cloud” phenomenon has been linked to UFOs in the West, but it seems to occur in the Far East as well, as the following instance will demonstrate.

Near Lulva Bay, Australia, August 1915. Six or more elongated “clouds” were seen by at least 22 witnesses, one of which quickly fell into the path of a regiment of British troops. They marched into the mist, but never out again. 1,000 soldiers were missing as the “cloud” rose and rushed away against the wind.

The date was November 14, 1944. The aircraft carrying Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory and his wife disappeared on a journey from the United Kingdom to Singapore or Hong Kong.

As a result, there are just as many UFO-related calamities on the other side of the globe as there are on ours. We can locate the following disappearances even before the phrases “flying saucer” or “UFO” were created in history.

William Brophy attempted a solo flight from the Philippines to Shanghai in 1932. However, radio communication was lost halfway in the China Sea, and neither he nor his aircraft were ever located.

The case of Amelia Earhart in 1937 is much more renowned. She was the first woman to undertake a circumnavigation of the globe. She and her navigator vanished on the way from New Guinea to Howland Island. Strange “lights” were seen along the path taken by the adventurous aviatrix.

However, assuming that UFOs are present across the Orient and the Pacific Ocean, the Devil’s Peep seems to be the focus of their attention. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

A flight from Japan to Okinawa might force an aircraft to wander or stray into the Devil’s Deep due to meteorological conditions. When a USAF KB-50 tanker with eight crewmen vanished over the region on March 12, 1957, this was the rumor. There was no distress signal transmitted.

During the Korean War, a US Military Air Transport Service jet carrying 67 personnel vanished over the Devil’s Deep once again.

The month is January of 1955. A scientific expedition ship with 14 people on board ventured into the Devil’s Deep but did not come out. Unlike many other Bermuda Triangle incidents, no wreckage or remains were ever discovered.

There’s also reason to believe that UFOs “patrol” the Devil’s Deep in considerable numbers. A flock of UFOs swooped over a convoy of US warships and aircraft south of Okinawa during WWII (date and other data secret and never disclosed). This puts it near the “oval’s” Devil’s Triangle.

On radar, 200 to 300 UFOs were seen at a height of 12,000 feet and traveling at a speed of 700 miles per hour. Of course, this was before jets, when our fastest aircraft could barely keep up. The event was so well-known that it earned the moniker “Ghost of Nansei-Shoto.” The UFOs were only observed on radar, which was an abnormality in the case. It’s possible that the hidden UFOs planned to “return” to the Devil’s Deep undetected, unaware or too late that the convoy’s radars would detect them.

Was there enough UFO traffic in the Pacific in the postwar years to cause concern among the military? The directive issued by the United States Navy on July 26, 1956, supports this view. All Navy pilots were to “shoot to kill” if they saw any flying saucers, according to instructions from Honolulu. The Navy maintained that the phrase only applied if the UFOs were hostile and shot first, but leaks revealed that the pilots had been covertly given instructions to shoot under any case.

This was a policy born of fear sparked by an alarming surge in UFO sightings in the Pacific. Note that for the Atlantic, no such order was provided to Navy or Air Force pilots. Is it feasible that the Pacific’s Devil’s Triangle was more dangerous than the Atlantic’s Bermuda Triangle?

Nothing the Navy could do, however, could lessen the number of ships and aircraft that vanished inside the Devil’s Deep’s frightening confines.

The date was October 26, 1956. An F-84 and an F-86 collided near Okinawa while pursuing UFOs that were detected by radar.

A mystery undersea explosion sank the Japanese oceanographic vessel Maiyo Maru in 1953, 200 miles south of Tokyo and close within the Devil’s Triangle, killing 41 people.

The date was March 10, 1954. The US destroyer Marshall was escorting an aircraft carrier over the Devil’s Deep on their route to Hong Kong, and they both maneuvered across the Devil’s Deep. Observers aboard the destroyer were startled to see one of the carrier’s scout aircraft plunge into the water. The warship circled for three hours without finding the aircraft or the pilot. Another aircraft nosedived into the water shortly after and was never seen again. It was almost as if somebody yanked those aircraft out of the sky and sunk them into the Devil’s Deep’s dark depths.

What concerns the Navy and Air Force the most is the disappearance of aircraft after traveling between Japan and Guam. Guam is located on one side of the Devil’s Deep, as seen on the map.

Now we have to wonder what type of dangers lie in that treacherous stretch of water. As is customary, scientists and military officials dismissed UFOs as nonsense and sought more conventional explanations.

One of these possibilities is that the Bermuda and Devil’s Triangles are both situated in places where warm and cold currents collide, resulting in choppy seas and high winds.

But there’s more to it, since a few communications from ships and aircraft lost in the Devil’s Triangle (and Bermuda Triangle) describe compasses “going crazy” and losing all sense of direction.

According to one idea, a massive asteroid hit the location in ancient times and sank into the depths, where it still exists. The meteor is likely to be strongly magnetic, causing compasses to malfunction. But it’s a stretch to envisage two such magnetic meteors hitting at the same latitudes on opposing sides of the globe.

A new mystery emerges. The vast majority of ships and aircraft lost in the Devil’s Deep never responded to distress calls. So it’d have to be some kind of electromagnetic aberration unique to ‘the region,’ which blacked out radio calls.

According to some UFOlogists, under the Devil’s Deep are the remnants of ancient Lemuria or Mu, and beneath the Bermuda Triangle is Atlantis. Both Mu and Atlantis have been linked to UFOs, either as space people’s colonies on Earth or as terrestrial civilizations in direct communication with the saucerians.

In any event, one idea argues that remains of both civilizations may still survive under the waters, maybe in the form of massive aerated domes. Similar to how a UFO’s propulsion mechanism creates well-documented EM (electromagnetic) effects, the sea-bottom Muans and Atlanteans may be using enormous electromagnetic forces in their domes.

The magnetic anomalies of the Devil’s and Bermuda Triangles might be caused by these forces. Alternatively, depending on the UFOlogist, such powers may be employed to purposefully damage ships and aircraft in order to capture the personnel.

Let’s look at it this way: in 1954, tests onboard a research ship revealed that “abnormal magnetic forces from above” had been identified in the Key West – Caribbean region, which led to the discovery of the Bermuda Triangle.

It’s worth noting that the forces originate from above, which is the polar opposite of the preceding hypothesis. What does it imply?

Wilbert B. Smith of Canada’s Project Magnet (a UFO study) investigated this enigma and proposed the “hole in the sky” theory.

This is a difficult notion to grasp. In essence, it sees galactic magnetic forces colliding with earth’s geomagnetic field to alter both magnetism and gravity in a few locations on the planet, such as the Bermuda and Devil’s Triangles. As a consequence, the “hole in the sky” was created, which could literally pull ships and aircraft into space.

In technical terms, this seems crazy, but the research seriously proposed that a massive electrically charged “chimney” or “hot tower” like a tornado spout emerged, capable of sucking ships, aircraft, and people beyond the atmosphere.

Though a fervent believer in UFOs, Wilbert Smith was too cautious to go any farther, but other UFOlogists did. They don’t presume that these “magnetic geysers” were manufactured by space beings, simply that they were aware of them. They then stationed their huge flying saucers at the uppermost end of the “sky holes,” perhaps as a gesture of compassion or as a way of collecting human specimens, and carried their victims onboard.

Other locations akin to the Devil’s and Bermuda Triangles may exist. Similar ship and aircraft losses have been reported in the Mediterranean, off the east coast of South America, off the southeast coast of Africa, and off the east coast of Australia, according to Ivan Sanderson, a well-known biologist and anomaly researcher.

In the Northern Hemisphere, there are three “death triangles,” whereas, in the Southern Hemisphere, there are three. They’re practically all at the same distance from one another. They all have one thing in common, according to Sanderson: they’re “channels” where hot tropical seas crash with icy Arctic or Antarctic waters.

Despite the fact that he acknowledges the numerous UFO ideas, he thinks the phenomenon to be entirely normal. That is, the large thermal clash of water causes turbulence in the sea and air, as well as magnetic aberrations, which explain ship and aircraft disappearances.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough information regarding the other “triangle of doom” in terms of UFO sightings to link it to the Bermuda and Devil’s Triangles. The occurrence of UFOs is quite high in the latter two places.

There’s no sense in questioning why the UFOs are abducting individuals in those places. Unless the UFOnauts chose to reveal their reasons, we will never know. Someday, you’ll be able to tell us.

We can only build up the evidence that UFOs, like birds of prey, are stalking both Triangles. And that it’s more than a coincidence that the Triangles have evolved into two “two light zones” where ships and aircraft, together with their crews, mysteriously disappear.

There’s one more important point to mention. During World War II, Gen. Douglas MacArthur was the commander-in-chief of the Allied troops in the Far East, and all sightings of UFOs in the Devil’s Triangle finally reached him. On October 9, 1954, it was MacArthur who delivered a speech in which he said, “The countries of the world will have to unify because the next conflict will be an interplanetary battle.” The earth’s countries will have to form a common front against attacks from humans from other worlds at some point.”

He didn’t specify whether or not the next conflict will be intergalactic. He said that this will be the case and that we must unite in the face of the extraterrestrial adversary. How was he able to make such upbeat statements? What did he know that the rest of us didn’t?

Did the Devil’s Triangle reports persuade him that aliens were to blame? Did he have more firsthand proof, such as our jets battling and losing to flying saucers?

Maybe MacArthur’s iron-clad evidence that the frightening mystery of the flying saucers hides in the Devil’s Triangle is buried in secret Pentagon papers, locked away for “security” reasons.

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