Mysterious Plasma Anomaly – Is This a “Blue Beam” Hologram?

On Facebook, a video from Arizona, in the United States, has gone viral. A burst of strong blue light seems to be linked with at least one capsule in the footage.

The intense blue resembles plasma, and it’s possible that the light is emanating from rockets at the capsule’s bottom. The people in the comments section look to be scared.

The strange thing about this sighting is that it defies usual explanations. This burst of light is very definitely not lightning, and if it is, it is a kind of lightning bolt that has never been seen before. The “cloud shapes” above it have never been seen before if it’s lighting.

There has been little media coverage of the incident, most likely due to the lack of a reasonable explanation and a desire not to frighten the public. The infamous Blue Beam Project and the worldwide changes it would bring are at the core of one of the most popular current conspiracy theories.

The New World Order’s pet project, Blue Beam, will aim to recreate a catastrophic situation and present the world to its new rulers. According to the bulk of conspiracy theories, Blue Beam will include four phases.

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