Huge Fleet Of UFOs Were Filmed Near The Sun

Maria G. Hill of Salem, Indiana, discovered something extraordinary. She likes to gather beautiful images to publish on her own platform, but she never expected to come upon anything so strange.

It was simply another day for her when she observed what seemed to be a gigantic fleet of UFOs emerging from a large spiral near the sun.

She immediately started taking images, noting that the UFOs looked to be unique from one another. There were the large-scale ones, which were astonishing to say the least, but nearby, a gigantic fleet of smaller UFOs followed closely behind.

Some skeptics said that the dots seen on the lenses are just light specks, and that the whole thing was a great misunderstanding.

Maria, on the other hand, is certain in her discovery, stating that she happened across it and saw it with her own eyes right in front of her.

She shared images and a write-up about the occasion on her Facebook page.

She stated she was just going about her business when she observed them just above her in the sky.

That’s when she pulled out her iPhone 8, which she’d equipped with a camera lens adapter, enabling her to snap a far better picture all-around.

That’s when she came upon the spiral, which she thinks was a wormhole through which the fleet escaped.

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