Woman Claims She Is An Alien Hybrid – She Also Tells Us The Story Of Her Bizarre Birth

Lisa is the name of the lady, and she is certain that she is a human-alien hybrid, as many UFO enthusiasts call them.

Abductees who have been abducted and inseminated by extraterrestrials, mainly women, produce hybrids. As a result, an alien-human hybrid with otherworldly characteristics is created. Despite the fact that human characteristics prevail, these hybrids notice something weird and assume there is something wrong with them.

Their stunning eyes are one of their most noticeable attributes. When they look at you, they appear to reach deep into your soul.

They also have flying and out-of-body experiences, which transfer them to space and allow them to communicate with their alien origins. Their increased intuition and psychic powers are another distinctive features.

All of these attributes, as well as others, have shaped Lisa’s life.

“I’m here for a reason that’s a little different from everyone else’s, but I think there are many others who feel the same way.” It’s time to take action. We must make changes, and this is a major responsibility.”

Take a look at the video below, in which Lisa speaks out for the first time on camera about her experience.


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