The Strange Lady of Mali – The 12,000-Years-Old Mountain-Size Ancient Statue

Angelo Pitoni was a botanist, agronomist, and geologist. He was a Lapis Lazuli specialist as well as an emerald and gold mine discoverer.

He stumbled upon an incredible discovery during his explorations near Siera Leone: an antique sculpture that may be a vestige of an old African society.

Mali’s Lady is a completely made-up character.

On the border between Siera Leone and Mali, Pitoni uncovered an ancient sculpture of a woman carved into a mountain, or maybe the mountain is the artwork itself. At a height of 1500 meters, a woman’s shape spreads out from Mount Lour itself.

Following careful observation and study, Pitoni determined that this is a hand-made artwork with a 12,000-year age.

In an interview with writer Carmen Machado, Pitoni revealed that the monument is located in the north of Conakry City, near the Mali border. According to the geologist, its age is considered to be about 12,000 years old.

There are also mummy caves in that area, which are guarded by individuals who claim to be Atlantean forefathers.

Professor Pitoni passed away in 2009, leaving a trail of riddles that he had found but never revealed.

The Lady of Mali’s finding is a disputed one that will keep scholars busy for years.


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