NASA Spacecraft Spotted Remnants Of a Mysterious Ancient City On Mars

It’s no secret that our solar system has a number of structures that don’t seem to have originated organically. There are various buildings on Mars that mimic those seen on Earth, for example.

Many of you are probably acquainted with Mars’ Pyramid Valley, but there are a number of other lesser-known formations on the planet that demonstrate the presence of an intelligent society that erected these monuments.

There is a valley on Mars known as Pyramid Valley.

The images taken by Viking 1 on the surface of Mars in 1976 caused a stir in the scientific community. Some researchers think that these structures are the remains of Mars’s former inhabitants, while others disagree.

The remains of an old city on Mars.

The latest findings show that the pyramids on Mars’ surface are part of an interplanetary, if not intergalactic, communication system powered by Nikola Tesla’s “standing waves.” Despite the fact that we have adequate information to connect these locations, we still have no idea who developed them.

As more people demand answers, NASA has edited the bulk of the photos to make the formations look more natural rather than man-made.

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