Bizarre Flying Creature Was Recorded In Brazil – Angel or Something Else?

Angels have a significant part in our culture. They’re found in a wide range of cultural settings. They’re found in every faith. According to Christianity, God created angels, for example. In addition, angels are said to be immortal.

Many individuals have claimed to have had encounters with these beings all around the globe, and they claim to be carrying important messages for mankind.

They’re often misinterpreted as guardians. Whatever they are, their presence seems to soothe the thoughts and emotions of people who come to see them.

A strange creature was reportedly seen flying above Brazil. It was constantly changing its direction. Nobody knows whether the object was made of ethereal energy or if it was a trick of the sight. The whole action was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube.

The mysterious object continues to travel for a long period, changing its trajectory on a regular basis.

One possible explanation is that the phenomenon occurs when sunlight bends as it passes through a thick covering of ice crystals.

Some individuals think the occurrence was produced by a genuine angel on a mission. This isn’t the first time the sky has shown a divine sign.

For further information, watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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