Alien Cube And Mysterious Black Portal Appear Above Top-Secret Military Base

In recent years, the UFO phenomenon has risen in prominence, with many sightings throughout the globe and a rising number of witnesses recounting strange encounters with these mysterious entities.

Many individuals claim to have observed UFOs in the form of triangles, flying saucers, and strange orb-like lights.

However, the new flying Cube image captured over one of the most vital military locations in the United States of America is most definitely one of the most amazing sightings to date. Photographs of the mystery cube were taken multiple times.

The cube looked to be floating for the most part, but it also had a strange black vortex that generated it, almost like an inter-dimensional doorway that carried it to our world.

Some speculate that it is a top-secret US military experimental gadget. Most individuals, however, think it was not created by humans and is entirely alien in origin.

What might that be, exactly? Watch the video below to discover more!

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