Pentagon Official UFO Papers: “Time Travel Is Actually Possible And Could Help Us Visit Other Worlds”

According to Pentagon papers, time travel and anti-gravity technology may be accessible to mankind, allowing us to travel to other planets. The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a covert Pentagon UFO program, was revealed thanks to 1,500 files.

Following a four-year court fight, their publishing was made possible thanks to a freedom of information request by The Sun Online. “The effects can be produced by modifying space-time,” according to one of the studies, which looks at how anti-gravity technology may be utilized to make airplanes and spacecraft.

“It may be feasible to generate unusual phenomena such as faster-than-light travel… and time machines,” according to the paper, which also looks at ways to “manipulate gravity.” The usage of “wormholes” in space-time for interstellar travel is also mentioned.

The US Department of Defense Intelligence Agency disclosed the records, which The Sun dubbed “the bombshell.” Plans to send several single-pilot spacecraft into outer space to “colonize” it, as well as studies into how people can control robots with their thoughts, are among them.

One individual can only fly four spacecraft, according to research, but scientists are questioning whether our brains can be modified to increase this skill.

Since 2007, AATIP has been managed by Luis Elizondo, who thinks that the reality of UFOs has “been confirmed without reasonable question.”

The research also looks at how nuclear-powered rockets and spacecraft will enable humanity to “construct bridges” through the layers of ice objects that encircle the Sun in order to identify new Earth-like planets.

There is also information in the papers regarding how humanity may communicate with aliens, as well as research on the health effects of those who have met aliens or seen UFOs.

Despite the fact that the initiative is no longer active, Pentagon authorities confirmed last year that military pilots had reported roughly 150 UFO sightings since 2004.

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