Man Recorded a Strange UFO Right Next To Area 51 Base

Even the most ardent ufologists acknowledge that aliens are imprisoned in the infamous American Area 51 facility and that there is “broken” extraterrestrial technology at the same place.

Supporters of this worldwide conspiracy continue to convince Internet users that something strange and dangerous is going on in this clandestine US military outpost.

The constant sightings of UFOs at Nevada’s Area 51 are one piece of evidence supporting this ufology theory, not to mention the fact that the military facility is closely guarded as if the army wants to show the conspiracy theorists are true.

UFOs were sighted and film shot again near Rachel, a little village in the Nevada desert with just a few dozen residents, flying at extraordinary speeds, not typical of Earth’s flying aircraft, UFOs were flashing in the sky close over this covert station, Area 51.

According to the creator of the video that recorded the UFO near the facility today, aliens are flying over the base to gather further information. If the military facility didn’t have anything interesting to offer, aliens wouldn’t come here as often.

Take a look at the video below.

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