MysteriousBlack Monks, The Moon Conspiracy And The True Origin Of The Human Race

In his book Letters from Andromeda, contactee Alex Collier details his conversations with telepathic alien creatures from the Andromeda galaxy. One of them, Moraney, was from the constellation Zenetae and came from a star system called Moraney.

Contactees are those who claim to have had contact with extraterrestrials. Others claimed to have only had one experience, while others claimed to have had dozens.

Contactee stories vary from abductee stories in that contactees often report positive interactions with humanoid aliens, but abductee stories seldom do.

Alex Collier is a British actor.

Moraney, an ancient being, was able to convey considerable information to Collier, and it painted a picture of Earth’s past that differed dramatically from what history has taught us.

The Andromedan also revealed that our present epoch is dominated by deceit and lies and that the general population has little to no understanding of what is really going on in our Solar System.

The beginnings of humanity and the existence of a covert colony on the Moon are two of Moraney’s most interesting findings. He further claimed that the Earth’s satellite was not born in the solar system, but rather was transported here millions of years ago.

It was used as a transport ship transporting reptilians, human-reptilian hybrids, and the planet’s first humans.

Moraney telepathically told Collier that the Moon was born in the constellation Ursa Minor, 432 light-years from Earth. This binary star system is known as “CHOWTA” by the Andromedans, and it contains 21 planets and four dozen moons.

The moon we now call our own was formerly the 17th planet in the Chowta system. The planet Maldek was destroyed during an ancient struggle between a human alliance and dictatorial Grey aliens from the Orion Empire.

The Moon is 6,2 billion years old, according to Collier, who acquired this from the Andromedans. This means it’s older than our Solar System and couldn’t have begun its existence here.

Undiscovered compounds and substances exist on the lunar surface, according to conspiracy theories, and their discovery was kept secret from the public. Moraney’s psychic communications have led Collier to assume the same.

But, if the Moon is an alien, how did it get here?

According to Collier, it was “put into the tail of an asteroid, which brought it into our Solar System.” Every 25,000 Earth years, the asteroid, which our scientists have yet to name, is supposed to return to our sector of the galaxy.

There are evidence that back up this notion, many of which are concealed from inexperienced eyes. Nonetheless, as Collier points out, they are present:

The Moon’s interior is hollow.

It features vast underground facilities that were built by extraterrestrials and afterward by Earthlings. There are seven openings in the Moon’s crust, as well as subterranean bases. Conservative scientists have wondered why so many craters seem to be shallow despite their size.

The Andromedans allege that “most of the surface was built on top of a metallic shell of approximately space crest; or “A War Carrier,” as the Andromedans name it.” Collier makes an interesting point regarding the craters. Many of them should be far deeper than they are, and this fact “defies known science,” according to the researchers.

The Andromedans, on the other hand, believe the craters were deliberately created. Many of the craters on the far side of the Moon were formerly domed cities and spaceship hangars that were “destroyed during a 113,000-year-old fight,” according to NASA.

These shattered structures were allegedly discovered long before the Apollo astronauts touched foot on the Moon.

They were first explored covertly by NSA (National Security Agency) astronauts, who were transported and commanded by Grey aliens, in the early 1950s. They looked into the area under the Jules Verne crater, which featured a gigantic subterranean structure the size of New York state.

Inside, the bodies of reptilians and humans were scattered over the location, as though a great battle had taken place there earlier. Several alien papers were found and translated, as well as Orion-related technology that was uncovered and reverse-engineered.

The subterranean facility had large lakes as well as eight secret vaults, the contents of which the Greys have not revealed.

Since then, artificial environments have been constructed and maintained to support the expanding lunar population. During the previous sixty years, it has grown from zero to over 36,000 humans from Earth, hand-picked by the World Government.

It is expected to reach 600,000 individuals in the near future, according to the Andromedans.

“At this time, the World Order has created fifty-three UFO-like spacecraft on Earth and on the Moon.” Various weapons are being developed on the Moon, including particle beam weapons lasers, nuclear bomb satellites, and anti-matter weapon systems.

“Anti-gravity anomalies on Earth were used to carry equipment and supplies to the Moon. Pine Gap, Australia, and Diego Garcia Island, in the Indian Ocean, were the primary launch locations. Another location is Russia’s Siberia.” Such elaborate operations on the Moon demand an equally complicated hierarchy.

Despite the fact that the Greys are the leaders and have the last word, they seldom meddle directly. The Black Monks are the primary conduits through which they convey their will.

Despite their human beginnings, the Black Monks have been drastically altered to meet the Grey’s criteria and are “no longer considered to be Earth people.”

Just under the Black Monks is a sect known as the Blue Moon. Forces from the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, and France make up the coalition. These organizations are in charge of running and governing the lunar bases, but they also need terrestrial divisions.

Two such groupings are Alpha One and Alpha Two. Collier had no idea what Alpha One was, but he thought it had something to do with gathering commodities and resources on Earth while keeping the general public in the dark.

According to the Andromedan Moraney, Alpha Two is really MJ-12, the fabled organization tasked with discovering and investigating alien spacecraft.

If this is the case, the entity in command of such covert operations is truly “at the bottom of the ladder,” and the ladder is much higher than we previously thought.

Collier’s claims have yet to be proved, but refuting them would be difficult as well. Humans would never notice if there were a slew of alien bases on the far side of the Moon since it is constantly hidden from view.

Alex Collier, on the other hand, is enthralled by his epiphany and the information he gained from the Andromedans.

“Before the Apollo astronauts arrived on the moon, the World Order had been there for quite some time.” The lowest levels of NASA and our military were refused access to this knowledge and technology. NASA has been used to keep the general people in the dark about what is going on at the space agency. The astronauts were obliged to remain quiet due to threats, and they still are.”

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