Eyewitnesses Recorded A Mysterious Cloud Of A Cubic Shape Over England

It’s easy to get lost in a world full of cars, offices and supermarkets and forget that there’s a bigger world that we can’t always see. For example, polar stratospheric clouds, usually seen only near the poles, form high in the atmosphere (twice as high as commercial airliners fly), where the air is particularly cold and dry. The colorful glow is actually due to the fact that the setting sun is lower in the sky than the clouds, so they reflect the sun’s rays back to Earth. Unfortunately, for all their beauty, the so-called mother-of-pearl clouds destroy ozone, a compound that protects us from the sun’s most dangerous rays. But sometimes amazing things happen, in some cases completely inexplicable and possibly extraterrestrial in origin.

Mysterious cubic cloud

On August 29, 2022, Megan Coombs spotted a strange cloud over the “Devil’s Punch Bowl” (National Trust website), Hindhead, Surrey, England. It included two photographs and a short 16-second video, which clearly showed a strange cloud. The incident caught the attention of Tim Binnall, editor of the Coast to Coast website, who was so intrigued by Coombs’ images that he published an article about the mysterious cloud.

“A strange cloud of a cubic shape has been recorded in Britain,” Coombs writes. “A mysterious video from Britain shows what appears to be a cubic cloud floating across the sky. The video was recorded earlier this week by Megan Coombs. While visiting the site of the National Trust in Surrey, aptly and eeriely named “The Devil’s Punch Bowl”. Sharing the video on Facebook, he commented that there is something very suspicious about a box cloud in the sky, one side of which appears to be lit by the sun.

In response to a friend who said he would not have believed the sighting was real if Coombs hadn’t shared the footage. He replied that he would not have believed it either if he had not seen it in person. Many netizens have speculated that the mysterious cube in Hindhead’s sky may be extraterrestrial in nature. “A cloud of drones”, a glitch in the Matrix (a term coined to describe the strange things that people experience, proving that we are living in a simulation).

But this is not the first time this has happened. In 2020, a man saw a strange square shape, almost perfect among the clouds over a city in Florida, USA. An unusual phenomenon in the sky was happening over some buildings called Aliki Towers. In the city of Ormond Beach, where it remained motionless for several minutes before disappearing. The video was recorded by Mellie Hatchet, a professional photographer, who posted it on her Instagram profile.

Clouds – cover?
The video showed a panoramic image of the beach in Ormond Beach, more specifically in the Aliki Towers area. A large cubic object is clearly visible among the clouds, emphasizing its shape. It remains motionless for several minutes and inexplicably begins to disappear until it disappears completely, as if it never existed.

As with England, the Hatchet video generated all sorts of reactions on social media. Moreover, some claimed that it was a UFO using advanced camouflage technology. To merge with the clouds, to follow us. A year later, a video published on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) website became the subject of discussion in the UFO community. As in a video filmed in New Jersey, USA in September 2021. A mysterious cube-shaped UFO was shown. Hiding in the clouds during a thunderstorm.

The images show clouds forming as lightning illuminates the night sky. But it seems that the source of the rays is some huge structure that becomes visible for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, skeptics believe that perhaps the cubic view of a cloud over England is just a lighting effect, or perhaps a very well thought out montage, like all other similar observations.

What do you think about the mysterious cubic cloud over England?



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