Bizarre Encounter With An Alien Cosmonaut

Giichi Shiota had previously seen a UFO and was not hesitant to tell people about it, but on March 24, 1975, Shiota experienced a third-type near encounter.

Shiota had gone to a local waste after dark in Kawanoe, Japan, for unclear reasons when the tragedy happened.

As he passionately related the incident, Shiota revealed that he saw something flaming from a distance of roughly one hundred yards while at the dump. The item, which was approximately seven feet above the ground, vanished into thin air with no trace.

Shiota stated he experienced a significant headache when he first saw the floating thing. He, on the other hand, was unconcerned about a headache and was eager to see the strange object once again.

Shiota got fascinated with the concept of filming this ostensibly alien person in order to prove that his strange encounter was genuine and not the result of an overactive imagination or worse, as others may have suspected.

Shiota returned night after night to the site of his meeting, equipped with three cameras and a terrible resolve.

31 March 1975 “Giichi Shiota, a professional photographer of Kawanoe City, Japan, was prompted by a hunch to wait late at night with his camera, on a deserted plot in the city.
Suddenly he saw what looked like a “spaceman” who appeared to break into independent images enveloped in strangely coloured “electrical discharges”.”
-From page 97 of ‘Photographs of The Unknown’ by Bob Rickard and Richard Kelly, (1980, New English Library.).

His efforts may have been rewarded a week after the initial sighting on March 31st. Shiota spotted a strange cloud in the sky above the trash that seemed to be lit by odd electrical activity, as he described it.

The awful headache that he’d been experiencing resurfaced, as did the glowing item. According to him, a Shiota bluish-white electrical disturbance hovered approximately 300 feet in front of him as he looked up. This time, the Alien Cosmonaut was approximately a hundred yards distant and about seven feet above the ground.

As the cosmonaut fell to one foot above the surface and started headed straight for him, Shiota remained there observing.

Shiota said that the six-foot-tall cosmonaut came to a standstill and then moved thirty yards to the right in less than a second while it was roughly fifty yards away. Then it vanished right before his eyes.

Is there an extraterrestrial cosmonaut?

According to Giichi, the whole encounter lasted less than one minute. That night, Shiota snapped numerous photos, including the one above.

It’s worth mentioning that only a month before Shiota’s harrowing encounter, two adolescent youngsters in Kofu City, Japan, claimed to have had face-to-face contact with an unknown, suit-clad extraterrestrial monster.

Other than time and vicinity, it needs to be determined whether there is any direct relationship between these two distinct incidents.

Giichi Shiota never saw this unusual thing again, but the photographs demonstrate that whatever it was — an alien invasion, an interdimensional entity, a time traveler, or a space ghost — it was real and not the product of one man’s imagination.

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