Living Insects And Reptilian Beings On Mars Surface?

As the title suggests, many different fossils of reptiles and insects were thus discovered on Mars, only to be discarded by NASA despite the fact that most if not all of these discoveries belong to their own Curiosity Rover.

Take for example the following pictures which were analyzed by professor William Romoser as he attempted to prove or disprove their existence simply from these pictures alone.

He claimed that many of these reptilian and insect-like creatures have been uncovered thus far there and he was so confident that he even brought them forth to the national meeting of the American Entomological Society. There must be a correlation between the creatures there and the creatures here, as they are too similar.

He believes that this is due to the fact that we had a similar evolution cycle as them which led to us evolving into the same roots, only that the species themselves slightly differ here and there so as to survive on the harsh environment of Mars.

Plenty of bee-like insects have been uncovered so far on Mars for example by NASA’s own Curiosity Rover.

They even posted these pictures on their website, and yet they do not wish to accept the fact that the fact of the matter is that life on Mars definitely existed in ancient times.

Another angle.

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