Huge Ancient Pyramid Discovered In Antarctica By History Channel

An insane discovery was made by a man named Joseph White while inspecting the most recent satellite pictures from Antarctica.

That name might sound familiar to you if you often frequent the History Channel as one of their most popular shows of all time titled Ancient Aliens has over 15 seasons running at the moment and Joseph White is, in fact, one of the producers there

So, while conducting his research for a new episode he accidentally came across this massive ancient pyramid that appears to be hidden underneath the snow and ice of Antarctica.

Most people assumed it was a mountain at first, but Joseph clarified that its shape and angles suggest otherwise.

He instantly declared that the newfound pyramid must be over 12 million years old and most likely it must have been built by aliens all along, but there is a possibility that ancient humans were the original constructors too.

Whether or not this will be proven in the near future we can’t say for sure, what we can say however is that the ancient pyramid that he’s discovered here might very well be the most ancient pyramid we’ve ever uncovered on Earth.

He is trying to garner funds to go there himself but the odds of that happening are extremely low to say the least.

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