Four-Legged Creature Spotted On Mars by NASA’s Rover

As the title suggests, this four-legged dark creature caught the Mars Opportunity Rover’s attention not too long ago as it snapped the following picture and sent it over to NASA who ended up posting it online which caused a lot of ruckus in the online communities, to say the least.

NASA has yet to comment on it although it’s pretty clear that we won’t get all that much from them, to begin with as they usually dismiss these discoveries right off the bat for the most part.

The four-legged creature is quite strange, to say the least as many have stated that it does resemble a bear or a very dark wolf.

We can’t tell exactly how big it is but based on that picture alone it would at least be around torse level for the typical human.

The dark shade of the creature’s fur is also interesting to mention as it definitely is nothing like the other encounters that we stumbled upon on Mars so far for sure.

A lot of experts argued that its resemblance with a bear or a wolf from our planet might actually hint at a possible similar evolutionary scale on Mars after all to our own planet’s.

This would explain the many humanoid aliens encounters we caught a glimpse of on Mars too without a doubt.
Is it all just our imagination or is there more to Mars than meets the eye?

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