A MESSAGE FOR NASA – Did You Know Something’s Stalking Your Mars Rover?

This is a public message that is meant to reach NASA itself. We are genuinely curious at this point; do you even care that something’s stalking your rover or are you just blissfully unaware of this, to begin with?

Check out the following picture that was taken by none other than NASA’s own Curiosity Rover back on December 19th, 2019. On the 2,620th day on Mars, the Curiosity Rover spotted this following strange creature looking over at the rover from a distance.

The picture was meant to offer a panoramic shot of the Western Butte but as you can see right off the bat it captured a lot more than just that.

Their insane technology known as the Mast Camera can effectively take 130 pictures and stitch them all together offering the cleanest result ever known to man.

The image itself though is rather strange to begin with, as upon zooming in you begin to see that what first appeared to be nothing more than a shadowy figure turns out to be a dark creature leaning over a rock formation trying to get a better view at the Curiosity Rover.

Many have described this as a rather humanoid-looking creature with a pale face and long hair. You can even see either extremely bulbous eyes or sunglasses on it.

This is not the first picture of a creature on Mars but it is the first one that looks this specific way.

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