Huge Triangle UFO Was Spotted From Space In The Same Location For Several Hours

MrMBB333, a pseudonym for Michael, an American ufologist, submitted a mysterious video to his YouTube account. While watching a satellite feed on April 9, the American saw something unusual.

In the clouds above the Pacific Ocean in South America, a fully triangular object with dark tints and huge dimensions formed. If you look carefully, you can see how the object’s color rapidly shifts.

Lower California and Southern Lower California, both in Mexico, were near the mystery object’s position. After additional study, the object’s height was judged to be more than 2500 kilometers.

Obviously, the video’s validity and, if correct, its nature provoked a discussion on the internet. Some say it was an alien spacecraft, while others say it was a government covert outpost, and that an interdimensional doorway finally appeared in the sky.

The video’s creator isn’t in a rush to discover what the object is, but he feels it’s unlikely to be the product of a satellite failure.

You are allowed to arrive at your own conclusions about this riddle.


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