Highly Advanced Underwater Humanoids? Or Maybe It’s Just An Unknown Alien Race Like Mermaids?

As far as mythological stories go, the legend of the sirens is by far one of the most realistic ones, to say the least. According to most iterations, these are beings that resemble beautiful women from the waist up, with everything from the waist down looking like a fish’s.

They attract sailors and marines to the side of the ship, either pulling them down into the waters with them or forcing them to jump on their own where they either drown or get eaten by the mermaids as they sink.

Most people that spotted them apparently saw them during tragic events that claimed many lives, like floods, heavy storms, etc. They’ve also been spotted circling around shipwrecks.
Christopher Columbus reported having met a few of them in his journey to the Caribbean, as he wanted to interact with one though it swam away.

We’ve spotted these mermaids all around the globe, including in Israel, Canada, and even in Zimbabwe.

Despite the fact that many try to state that these are not real after all, that they have something to do with humans that suffer from an affliction that binds their legs together, nobody will ever believe that to be honest.

The truth is that if these sirens do exist, they are predatory beings, not humans with an affinity for playing Aquaman in their spare time.

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