‘Fire in The Sky’ Is Actually The Scariest REAL Alien Abduction Scene That Ever Happened

If you’re looking for a good fright, check out the 1993 cult classic Fire in the Sky, which tells the actual story of Travis Walton’s kidnapping.

Instead of focusing on his personal experiences, which he wrote about in that book, the movie concentrates on his colleagues who observed him being taken and attempted to report it to the police, but no one listened.

Unfortunately, the picture did not do as well as the producers had intended, and it was quickly forgotten in the wake of blockbuster hits like Jurassic Park and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The most horrifying actual alien abduction scenario ever caught on film is seen in Fire in the Sky.

It all begins when he learns he is trapped within a sticky pod. When he emerges, he discovers that he is floating in a zero-gravity chamber.

He floats about until he manages to break away, only to be recaptured later. The aliens have encircled him and encased him in a skintight membrane that has rendered him completely immobile.

The most terrifying aspect is when his lips are yanked open and a needle is pushed into his eye. Check it out for yourself; no matter how often we laud it, we’ll never be able to replicate it perfectly.


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