Colossal Underwater Wall That Circles The Entire Planet Was Discovered – Glitch In The Matrix?

Yet another insane discovery was made recently by an anonymous virtual archaeologist that came upon what appears to be a colossal sunken wall that surrounds the whole planet.

You might be wondering how come we’ve only now stumbled upon it, well the answer is simple: We only recently gained access to one of the greatest archaeological tools of our generation, aka Google Earth.

That’s right, this is yet another insane discovery that was made through the use of Google Earth, as more and more of them are made as time moves on.

The reason why this is so amazing to see is because of how downright accessible the application is and how easy it is to get lucky and spot a random structure around the world that nobody has seen before.

The video that you can see here clearly showcases why we couldn’t see it before, as it appears to be downright invisible to the naked eye, having been submerged in an isolated area to which people couldn’t get access too unless specifically aiming for, to begin with.

But that’s not all, in case you didn’t know already, the ruins of an ancient Mayan city were also discovered thanks to Google Earth by another newcomer virtual archaeologist.

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