Man’s Arrival On The Moon Was CENSORED. They Don’t Want Us To Know This…

The Internet is full of crazy people. One place where we can see clear examples is on YouTube. If you want to see the effect of making it possible for any anonymous person to post whatever they want on the net, take a good look at YouTube. There are thousands and thousands of videos about conspiracy theories. One of the most discussed topics is referring to the arrival of man on the Moon.

In 1969 man landed on the moon. “One small step for man, but one big step for humanity”. But… How can we be sure how it all really happened? We’ve all seen videos of what happened there and it’s assumed they brought back moonstones to prove the feat. However, the most skeptical and paranoid do not believe this. There are theories about what the Kubrik recording could be. There are even some who say that there would be no way for the flag to move, since there is no view on the moon.

There are also those who think that there were things that were hidden from us. They even believe that the landing really took place, but that the released video is incomplete so they could hide something for a strange reason… Read on to unravel this mystery and see for yourself the uncensored video of the moon landing.

The video in question has received thousands of views and shows something very strange. According to the informant who found this video, the US government prevented the original version from being released to the public.

The recording was taken from the possession of the US government and circulated throughout the world to discover the truth. Many will say that the images were modified so that we never know what really happened.

It is part of the “Blue Book” project that proves the existence of extraterrestrial beings inhabiting the Moon. This is much discussed by ufology fans all over the world…

The video is part of the original recording, where the camera was said to overheat for two minutes. But that’s not how things turned out. Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin were good witnesses to what really happened there.

They were the only two men to walk on the moon in human history. And that’s not the only thing that sets them apart from the rest of us… What happens in a certain minute of radio silence will shock you…

In the video you can see in the midst of the moon’s darkness a figure similar to a human being in motion. You can even hear the astronauts’ surprised screams.

The figure is taken by surprise. An inhabitant of the Moon who walked there. He could be an extraterrestrial of a much more evolved race. So the fear of astronauts must be terrible.

The figure walks a few meters and bends down when he realizes he is being watched. At this point the astronauts look perplexed and the recording is cut. We don’t know what happened next…

Draw your own conclusions by watching the video below.

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